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Sunday 20 June 2010

Blame, Blame, Who to Blame?

Ive been a Bad Boy fan for as long as I can remember. But, who can I actually give credit to for enlightening me into the greatness that is the realm of the bad boyish? Or, more to the point, who can I blame?

Ive thought about it and Ive narrowed it down to two culprits (for now). The most scandalous, sexy, dark, interesting, and amazing bad boys of all time, Cole Turner from Charmed and Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I started by watching T.V. Series first, so the temptation to the dark side has been strong long before I ever hit the shelves. And ever since then, the list has only grown even bigger, and ever tempting.

Our first culprit...

Let's start with the basic information first shall we? I first met Cole Turner in the premier of Charmed season 3 as he enters the lives of the Halliwell sisters, and mine. At the beginning of the episode he is but a simple lawyer, and as he meets the younger of the Halliwell sisters, Phoebe, the attraction is instantaneous and undeniable. From the beginning you just know this romance will take away your breath.

A bit later Piper freezes a room and imagine the relief we feel when Cole freezes along with everybody else, hurray! Phoebe found a human guy who is smexy and totally awesome... or so we think. He only pretends to freeze and then and there we find out that he is a demon (because he then moves when the sisters aren't around and kills the judge), he is bad, he is handsome, and he is out to get the sisters. All the pre requisites to become our baddest-most-desired-bad-boy ever. Not to mention the passionate love that later blooms with Phoebe...

Cole is just, awesome. He is continuously on the brick to either become evil or good. The uncertainty we feel only makes the attraction grow deeper. Right until the sixth season he dances around the paths of good and evil, ultimately going insane.

When he left the series on season five (oh, come on Charmed is OLD, this is old spoiler) I stopped watching Charmed. Months went pass, till I decided that I might as well finish the damn series. So I put on my black dress and watched the rest of season 5 without really paying attention. I was still mourning. In my heart, Charmed needed Cole to succeed. Actually, the series got kinda ugh after he died, his character wasn't only dark and charming, but he brought a LOT more material to the series with the constant fear of his loyalty and his power.

Now, pictures?

A romance for the ages. Please, please tell me someone loves Cole as much as ME?!

Blame, blame, who to blame... I know who I blame, but who do you blame for your trip to the dark side?


  1. You are so not alone! Cole and Spike are my two favorite bad boys. Do we know how to pick them, or what?? :)

  2. Oh, dear lord. I wasn't expecting to see that magnificent face at the moment. Yes, Cole. Dear, dark, dirty, amazingly delicious demonic Cole. Spike can also be added to my list.

    I'm a little older, so I think the 1st bad boy for me was Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys.

  3. Love this post, LOVE Cole! This is great!! :)

  4. Edward Fairfax Rochester.
    When you're gonna go, go classic. ;)

  5. I love charmed and I loved Cole, although it did get a little annoying when he kept "dying" and then coming back. I hate it when you think a character is gone for good but they keep bringing them back

  6. I LOVE me some Cole! I was so pissed when he went away. I remember screaming at the TV on his last episode. He is one of the best bad boys and damn was he smoldering hot!

  7. Oh, I was also a big fan of Drake :-)

  8. I love Cole. I've loved him from the first time we met him. He made things a little more bearable against that frelling goody-goody Leo. between him leaving and Prue dying I was ready to give up on Charmed.

    So I did ::sigh:: I still kept up to date with what was going down, thanks to my sister's continued obsession. Cole showed up one more time for episode...100? I think? Maybe? But it was such a measly role. ::sigh:: no one stood up against Julian McMahon. So smoking hot...

  9. I blame Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. I saw all the Buffy Shows only cause I just wanted to see Spike. But when he died at the end of the whole Buffy Series, I was so sad....at least until he showed up on the show Angel. Go Spike!!!!!

  10. I used to watch Charmed reruns everyday hoping it would be one with Cole :)

  11. Definitely Spike from BTVS.And maybe Azazeal from Hex.

  12. I love Cole!! Until Cole appeared on Charmed, I only used to watch occasionally ... after that, I was hooked :) When he died, that pretty much put me off the entire series as well :s Then a while later I discovered Nip / Tuck, and got my fix of Julian McMahon again, so I got over the whole him-disappearing-from-Charmed withdrawal :) Charmed definitely went downhill after he left (for me at least) ... and I've never liked Leo, or Piper for that matter, so that whole storyline just got on my nerves, ugh. When I tuned in one day not too long ago, they were opening a school in heaven, or something ... I was like, NO.

  13. Spike. He was my first bad boy crush!

  14. Agree with you about Cole!!! Awwwwww He is the best Bad Boy Ever!

  15. Great post!! I was in love with Julian McMahon for the longest time thanks to his role as Cole!!

    Oh and Spike, how can you not love him?! And Angel wasn't left behind on the yummy train either, lol.

    We have a Sunshine Award for you here.


  16. I loved Cole!!!

    Not only for his bad boy status but because he's aussie!!

    Julian McMahon has a tendency for playing bad boys :D

    I stopped watching after he left too...boring without him :(


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