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Thursday 17 June 2010

Back from Orientation

As the title said, I'm back from Orientation at Florida State University! And let's just say that I am an official freshman. At Orientation I...
  • Got to stay 2 nights at Wildwood Hall, one of the better housing places at FSU.

  • Gots lots of important information about my major and other important stuff at FSU, like for example the fun stuff to do while there and where to get the football tickets (never been a fan of football, but I will try being supportive of my team).

  • Made friends! Which is quite wonderful because, as they say, the most important and longest friendships happen while attending University. I made about 7 friends, yay! Now it's just bout getting in touch when August comes around, which reminds me...

  • I leased my first apartment! Will not be staying at any of the Housing places at FSU because 1. I am on the waiting list and I don't want to take a chance and then not get a spot, 2. I hate the bathrooms at Wildwood, and that is said to be one of the nicest places, 3. I want a room to myself while still sharing a place with other people, and 4. Did I mentioned I hate the bathrooms?

  • Also registered for classes and decided on my double major. I am an English major with a double major on Psychology (at least for now); still don't know which my minor will be though, I'm between business and communications.

My first semester is looking a lil bit like this:

1. For English: British Authors: Beginnings to 1790 (Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton among others). (3 hours)

2. Classical Mythology (3 hours)

3. General Psychology (3 H=hours)

4. Introduction to Philosophy (3 hours)

5. And mayyybe (if the department lets me!) College Algebra (I need it for Psychology). (3 hours).

So yeah, I will have fun this first semester. Any of you attending FSU? Thinking about it? I recommend it!


  1. Congrats! What an exciting time for you. :) FSU is a fantastic school (although I am a Gator fan all the way!) You are going to have a blast but you will also bust your butt! Try to keep a good balance.

  2. Congrats girl! College will be a great experience and I look forward to hearing all your stories :)

  3. Congrats girl!! I hope you enjoy it! :)


  4. I hope you like college! It looks like you have a lot of cool classes!

  5. Good luck with the Chaucer; I HATED him when I had to take him in university (At The University of Western Ontario, not Florida State). Of course, that may have also been because we were forced to read and translate from the original mediaval english. Brutal beyond compare. Mythology sounds great though and Shakespeare is always amazing!

  6. I went to FSU and graduated in 2008. I majored in psychology. I recommend taking any class with Dr. Barbara Licht (her husband teaches there as well). She is an amazing teacher. Also, if you are interested in anthropology, Dr. Falk is amazing. She is one of the leaders in her field. I had her for intro to physical anthro. I agree about the dorms. I lived in Deviney for a year and it was awful. Take advantage of the free food and activities on campus. There is a movie theater that does free movies several times a week. Have fun, college is great!

  7. Ah, freshman orientation! That is so awesome that you enjoyed yourself! It's great to get a look at where you'll be and I am so excited for you that you made friends. It will be great to have a connection with other students from day one.

  8. Congrats Freshman!!!! I get to walk tomorrow its funny you are going to start college and I am leaving it =) When aug. comes don't forget lil old us =P

  9. Good luck! And congratulations. :D

  10. That sounds so awesome, hun. Oooh, I loved university - I know you're going to have an absolutely amazing time over the next couple of years! :D




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