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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

25 Random Things About Moi Tag & Reply


Natalie from Mindful Musings (who BTW had her B day recently, like yesterday, so u should go and say congratz) tagged me and is making me do this post. I think Ive done this post already, so I am doing this specific one a bit differently. I am going to directly reply to Natalie's post on her 25 Random Things, so if you want to understand part of this post, go over to Natalie's or just click on the big words that are right below this paragraph.

I am all about being subtle. So please, check that out and then check mine out. Or if you want to get a bit confused well then, read on! That is your prerogative.

1) I do the same lol I just don't care.

2) I like Twilight, I can't help it. It was the first book I fell in love with, and I guess that love will always live inside me, but I think the Host was better in every single way. Why? As Charlotte said in Sex and the City 2:"I don't know, I don't know..."

3) I think Barnes and Noble has a cold atmosphere. My first month at Florida I went to the Breaking Dawn party release, and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble first but quickly left because everybody was behaving so right and civilized, it was like, and now we will all get on a circle and discuss Twilight without showing no emotion. Then again it could be that my Barnes and Noble is the only evil one on Earth... I feel Borders has a more family style atmosphere. I love Borders.

4) After books TV Series are my next love, which is why I am starting Series R Us very soon (I just need a layout T_T)

5) My mother is an atheist, and so am I.

6) I am not a closet Book Blogger either, my mom and friends know about it (though I prefer for them not to read it, I just feel so exposed when I write)

7) Aye Aye!!

8) Does it really stop anybody? After I got my PILES of books at BEA I still bought some more...

9) Im going to be a freshman in college!!!! I will be majoring in English and double majoring in...

10) I kind of like coffee, as long as it has A LOT of sugar. Thinking about it, I just want liquid sugar.

11) I have a bunch of siblings, so consider yourself lucky.

12) God I love that movie.

13) I don't care when people see the covers of my books. And I dislike E-Readers.

14) Damn Nooks...

15) "Favorite TV Shows: Smallville, Supernatural, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, and Buffy." I love these series too. I have a LONGER list of the shows I love, but I won't bore you with that here (I will though bore you at Series R Us very soon).

16) I want to move to New York City.

17) Im okay with that sound, now, chalk against board? EEEKS!

18) Stilettos?

19) Hahaha aren't we all.

20) At my school there were plenty of blood drives, I always felt bad that I never donated blood. I am just terrified of needles... Not really needles, but the blood going out of my body (Damn, I wouldn't last long with a vampire; well, maybe if he is Bones and his bite makes me high) is aagh, also, when they are putting vaccines? Oh god.

21) Hahahaha.

22) My sister has a puppy who is really my mom's. His name is Spot. I kind of hate/love him.

23) O.o Wtf...

24) You... make... me... so... sad... Natalie... I love that song... WHY?!

25) Hahahahaha Math has and will always suck.

I think that covers it up. I was going to comment all of this at her site but thought better of it. Too long of a comment, but a good response post.


  1. Cool idea,though my head was going right and left, reading Natalie's answers first and then yours.It was like watching a tennis match :)
    Waiting anxiously for Series R Us grand opening and the discussions about the shows!

  2. Lol! Loved your responses! And I didn't know you were going to do a Series R Us blog! I'm so excited!!! Lol.

    And I guess you're kind of lucky that your mother and you share the same "religious" beliefs. Like I said. My parents are hardcore Catholics, and I'm agnostic, so we fight. A lot.

    You're going to college next year! That's so exciting! I'm sure you'll love it!

    Thanks so much for this post! It was fun to read all of your responses! :)


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