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Wednesday 22 July 2009

Wishing on Wednesday

I found a book yesterday which seems very good! It's from Melissa De La Cruz, you know that big shot author who created the Blue Bloods world? Yeah, now she is back, and with new goodies...

I think this book is a two in one deal, On the very end of the image it says:

"The fan favorite, Angels on Sunset Boulevard, and it's stunning conclusion, in one book!"

So you see why I'm believing this two in one fantasy.

Here is a little summary of Angels on Sunset Boulevard:

Pay to get in,
Pray to get out.

Johnny Silver is the world’s soon-to-be biggest rock star, but on the eve of his debut concert in Los Angeles, he mysteriously disappears, causing global pandemonium. His friend Taj tries to discover the truth about his disappearance, which leads her to TAP.com and its shadowy founder, Sutton Werner, who throws the wildest parties in Bel-Air.

TAP started out innocently enough, as a website that dishes the dirt on the kids of Sunset Boulevard and beyond. But it has become something more. Membership is a privilege with responsibilities and consequences.

At Sutton’s parties, anything goes, especially in the legendary backroom rituals nicknamed The Angels Practice. Rumors abound of a special drink handed out at the parties that tap into otherworldly sensations.

One night Taj meets Nick, a Westside preppie who doesn’t buy into the TAP mayhem, especially since his kid sister never came home from attending one of its blow-out bashes. Slowly the two of them are drawn to TAP and to each other. But Taj just might know more than she’s letting on....

Are you ready for the darker side of Tinsel-town’s brightest lights?


I liked The Blue Bloods series by this author, so why not check some more of her work? I will give it a shot. Besides, how cool is that cover? The eyes!! Shows some similarities to her other covers too.

Want more information about Melissa's books? Click here.


  1. I just wrote this down of lists to buy when they come out~

    =) Sounds good!

    Great WoW <3

  2. I thought the first book was okay, hopefully this one is better! (And it has such a cool cover!!)

    Nice layout, BTW. :)

  3. I've never even heard of this book of hers! It sounds really good, I enjoyed Blue Bloods too.


  4. This sounds awesome! I really want to read it! Great WoW.


  5. Ooooh!

    I haven't read the Blue Bloods (yet...) but this cover is so beautiful! I have to have this cover! I mean, book!


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