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Tuesday 28 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On Tuesday!)

Hello to everybody! Its a lovely morning, and you want to know why is it so lovely? I didn't go to work! I'm doing this rebellious thing, where you get up whenever you want to and do whatever you want to, on a summer day. So I'm probably going to buy some clothes later cause they opened a Forever 21 yesterday at the mall! And after well, we'll see...

My teaser for the day is from 'The Sweet Far Thing' by Libba Bray

"I push through the door, and Kartik takes in the sight of me--face flushed, hair a ruin. "Gemma? What has happened?"
"Your dreaming," I say, and his eyelids flutter under my persuasion. When he opens his eyes again, he is in that twilight land between waking and sleep.
"Why didn't you come to see me?" I ask.
His voice is faraway. "I'm a danger to you."
"Well, I am tired of the safe. Kiss me," I say. I take a step forward. "Please."
He is across the floor in two strides, and the force of his kiss steals my breath. His hands are in my hair, my head bent back, his lips on my throat, everywhere at once.
Pg. 285

And that's all you are getting for today. It is a rather hot scene ain't it? I'm at page 419 right now, will finish soon enough. Today Ill read another 200 pages, and then there will only be 200 left to go. Agh! I'm loving this book!


  1. Dude, awesome teaser!


  2. That a very... intriguing teaser. ;)
    Have fun shopping, you lucky, lucky girl!

  3. Oooooh. Intriguing teaser~
    I think I might pick the first book up of this series today. Hmm.

    Have fun shopping!

  4. Oh I love TSFT so much. The make out scene is superb. :D

  5. I am currently reading it too.
    Happy Reading.


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