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Thursday 2 July 2009

Contest Winner

So, I'm just going to set back the clock a little bit! Sorry that I did not post this sooner, I was a tad busy today.

The winner of the Eyes Like Stars contest is...

There were a lot of people in this contest. Like 39 people! Almost 40 ^^ and I hope on my other contest, which will probably be soon enough, we get up till 50. How about that?

Right now I'm waiting for Angel's response, and she have's till 12:30 AM tomorrow. If she does not repond well then, I will give the book at random!


  1. Yes 39 is almost 40. ha ha! Congrats Angel! Your page design looks great Taschima!!

  2. Do you want a bit more space between the tops of the sidebars and posts and the menu bar? (I'm really OCD, lol)

    Oh, and congrats!!!


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