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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On Tuesday!)

Yet again I have done it. I am turning into something... The responsible monster has caught up with me. Dang, I need to get away!

Blue Moon by Alison Noel

" I don't hate history," I say...
"Really?" Roman raises his brows and leans toward me. "All that delving into the past, exploring all those long ago places and dates, examining the lives of people who lived centuries before and bear absolutely no relevance now- that doesn't bother you? or bore you to death?
Only when those people, places, and dates involve my boyfriend and his six hundred years of carousing!"
Pg. 23-24

Hahaha poor Ever. But I think sooner or later she'll HAVE to get over it. Like really girl, the past is the past, just get over it and move on. But in not there yet on the story. I'm just speculating. In concerns with history, Ive got to say I adore that class. I just imagine it's a story like any other I read, and submerge myself. It helps, but still couldn't do much with US history, that was just plain boring.

Do you like history?


  1. Ooo good teaser! I still need to read the first one. I can't wait!

  2. History is cool, especially *alternate* history!

  3. Huh. I need to read this series still. Too many books to read~


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