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Tuesday 7 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On Wednesday)

Yeah, yeah, don't start. I know what you are going to say.

Followers:Taschima, Teaser Tuesday has a key word on the meme, and do you know what it is?

Me: AaaaaAAmm... Teaser?

Followers: Guess again...

Me: Oh I know! Its the T's right?

Followers: No silly rabbit Tuesday! As in you post it on Tuesdays!

Well, call me rebellious, I like to bend the rules once in a while, along with time & space.

My teaser is going to be for a novel you all must have heard of. Is called Evermore by Alyson Noel.

"If I thought his voice was amazing with the way it envelopes me in silence, if I thought his touch was incredible with the way it awakens my skin, well, the way he kisses is otherwordly. And even though I'm no expert, having only kissed a few guys before, I'm still willing to bet that a kiss like this, a kiss this complete and transcendent, is a once-in-a-lifetime thing."


And extra!

"What happened? You run out of white rosebuds? I ask, flipping through books and papers, as though I've something important to do.
"I would never give you a rosebud," he said, his eyes searching for mine.
But I refuse to meet his gaze, refuse to get sucked into his sadistic little game. I just grab my bag and pretend to search for something inside, cursing under my breath when I find it stuffed full of tulips.
"You're strictly a tulip girl--a red tulip girl." He smiles.
"How exciting for me..."

Pg. 94-95

I am almost finished with this book. If it wasn't for this thing called 'life' that I have on the sideburns, I would have finished it today. But I'm tired, I work, and I hanged out with my friends today so.

PS; Going to post something very exciting on Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned.


  1. Ooo something exciting? Love the teaser, I hope you're enjoying Evermore! I'm going to start the Blue Moon sometime this week.

  2. I'm reading Blue Moon now! I hope you like them!

  3. That sounds great. That'll be in my next amazon order!

  4. I really want this book!!

    Ohhh...something exciting you say? Can't wait:)

  5. lmao don't worry about it, I just bent time and space as well... but shh, don't tell anyone, maybe they won't notice :-p.

    This book was fantastic! I can't wait to read Blue Moon!

  6. Great teasers- so funny we both posted something about this book!

  7. Ah! The first teaser is when they're dressed up at the Halloween party right? And the second one...I remember thinking: tulips? what's so freakin' fabulous about TULIPS? But then it's explained later on. :) It is kinda twilightish but Ever's not annoying like Bella is...

  8. Excellent book! I'm eager for the next one to come out

  9. I've really been wanting to read this. Great teaser girl!


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