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Sunday 7 September 2014

5 Reasons To Go Buy Illusions of Fate (Kiersten White), coming out Sept. 9th, STAT!

So the last two books I've read have been less than phenomenal. It is a sad, sad truth. But I recently picked up Kiersten White's soon to be released Illusions of Fate and I have to say I am enjoying it immensely! Kierten White shines when creating engaging characters, and now she has done it again!

Jessamin is a foreigner from the made up land of Melei who has gone over to the conquering land of Avebury in order to further her education. Well, as much as any lady can in this time.

So yes, historical fantasy. With PLENTY of snark (I love snark, give me more I say!). Jessamin is strong; a force to reckon with. She doesn't let this dreary country (Avebury) she has to live in get her down, and she misses her home country fiercely. I would say she is my favorite part of the whole book. Though I am also loving the magical aspect, and the side characters.

Here are 5 reasons to pre-order Illusions of Fate today:

1. Jessamine won't take any of your shit.

 Reading over the letter to my mother, I am so absorbed in my head with adding the true statements to my written words that I fail to pay attention to the street. I cannot decide which shocks me more--nearly being run over by the horse-drawn cart, or the fluid stream of cursing in my native tongue that is being directed at me.
I look up, cheeks burning, and meet a pair of black eyes that, combined with the familiarity of the language, hit me with a longing for Melei sp deep and painful I can scarcely draw a breath.
The man pauses, obviously surprised to see how dark of skin and eyes I am in spite of my school uniform. And so I take the opportunity to insult his manhood, his lineage, and his horse in a single, well-crafted turn of phrase I haven't used since my friend kelen taught it to me when I was fourteen.
He smiles.
I smile back.

2. Jessamine needs no man to save her...

He follows my eyes and curses, then slides his hands beneath my legs and back.
"What are you doing?"
"Picking you up so we can run!"
"Don't be daft, my hand is broken, not my feet!"
"Right, that was stupid. Stupid." He helps me up by my elbow. "This way!"

3. She is faithful to her friends... Human, animal, or otherwise.

Jessamine: "This bird saved my life."
Finn: "I am saving your life!"
Jessamine: "You were ready to give in! I saved my own life. You are simply keeping me company on this leg of my escape." Sir Bird caws brokenly in support of my statements.

4. Did I mention she has fabulous friends?

Finn: "It is none of your concern, Eleanor. All I need from you is a promise that you will keep this information to yourself."
Eleanor: "Lord Ackerly, if you asked me to deliver you the moon on a platter, I should think my odds of success slightly higher."
Finn: "I can make it worth your while, of course. Or, if you prefer, I can simply make you."
Eleanor: "Now we're dealing in threats! I feel so important. I wish you had done this last week. Aunt Agatha was in town, and I thought I would die from boredom."

 5. It is Freaking Old English Country Charm Mixed with Magic and a Kick Ass Heroine!

Random Stuck Up Lady: "How pretty you are," she says with a cloying smile. "You must feel so at home here in this horrid, muggy heat with all of these wild plants. You look like one yourself!"
The worst part is, she's right. I did feel at home when I walked in, but I know how far I am from it now. Lifting my chin, I return her smile with a pointed one of my own. "Why thank you, I do feel comfortable here, just as you must feel perfectly suited to this city of cold, greay rocks."

[The names in BOLD I added] I am already mourning the ending of this one. I am taking it slow because too soon it will be over. A definite must buy!

PS; If you look up Illusions of Fate via Goodreads it gives you a preview! Have fun reading!

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  1. I've read some great reviews of Illusions of Fate and here is another one. It's at the top of my TBR pile!


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