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Thursday 18 September 2014

Teaser Tuesday

And yet again I'm posting something the day it's supposed to be posted. I guess lighting does strike twice *hides under the table*

Since Im reading Lover Avenged (WOOT!) and I already posted a Teaser for that book, I am going to pick a random book from my pile and write.

BTW Lover Avenged is awesome, everybody should read it. Wait a minute *moves around* being under the table is quite difficult.

This is from The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

"What is it my lord?"
"She'll never forgive me for missing the party."
"I think the queen would forgive you anything, my lord."
"Not the queen. The princess."
"Oh. With her you'll have trouble."
The men laughed. With Alyss, King Nolan would indeed have trouble, but it would be a pleasant sort of trouble...

Looking Glass Wars, pg 19.

I want to read this book, have it, but since I have a huge TBR pile haven't gotten to it :S

Well, since you guys are awesome, and I love you, I will give you another sneack peak at Lover Avenged!

"You can't know how sorry I am."
Beth reached up and touched his jaw. "I hear it in your voice."
He took her hand and placed it over his heart. "I'm nothing without you."
"Not true." She stepped out of his hold. "You are the king. No matter who your shellan is, you are everything."

Ahhhh! I love Beth! And in this part of the book she is talking to Wrath-my lover. It's a hugely exciting book, I love it and haven't finished it! I'm on page 167 ^^ and will be in 300 soon enough! The book is huge... I will stop babelling about the greates series ever now.
*get's out from under the table*

Wow, that was different. Next time down the rabbit hole!

Ps; Remember to enter my two contest; First contest for an ARC copy of Eyes Like Stars (ends July 1st) and the second one is for two different books! Ends this friday.


  1. good teasers! Now I want both books o_x;

    Dudette, you can totally keep Eric-I want Sam! *puts a leash on him* Miiine. :D

    how far along are you in the Sookie books btw? I never asked. o.O

  2. I want to read this book and have actually looked at it a couple times in the bookstore...

    But my list is so long of books that I always told myself no...
    Only to buy different books. >.>

  3. I heard that Looking Glass is really, really good.

  4. Me too, thats why I bought it, but the thing is I have so many books in the list that I haven't gotten to it lol

  5. I love the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. I can't wait for the third and final book to come out! You must read this when your pile comes down a bit.

  6. Dude, you have got to move LGW up on your list! It is so good!
    PS> I tried to comment yesterday, but my computer froze up! It's so... gah! Sometimes I want to throw it out the window!

  7. Lol Computer's can be like that...

  8. Taschima, come pick up your Kreativ Blogger award!!

  9. I keep picking this book up. Eventually I will buy it and read it.


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