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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

So I Started Reading The Iron Traitor... Sneak Peak + Book Trailer.

The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2)

T-6 days until The Iron Traitor hits the shelves, and we are all very excited. Or at least everybody should be, because let me tell you, this one is going to change the whole game. Honestly I tried to take it slow while reading it but I still finished it pretty quickly. It was a good read, made even better by the fantastic ending (it will blow you away). But while you guys wait here is a sneak peak at one of my favorite parts of The Iron Traitor.
"Heart in my throat, I looked up.
A dark figure stood between me and the ice monster, one hand outstretched, the billow of his long coat settling around him. The line of ice spears had split at the point where the figure stood, slicing off to either side. I blinked, both horrified and relived that he was here, that he had found us."
Mind guessing who this very handsome dark figure might be? ;)

 photo tumblr_m1tm7zmHe41qbnc83_zps6d576a6a.gif

BTW: The Iron Traitor is still $5.99 at amazon. Pre-order it now before the offer ends!

Head over to Julie Kagawa's site for the Iron Traitor BOOK TRAILER. You can also watch it below.


  1. Can't wait for this book.... I just hope their is a bit more of beautiful Ash in it than the Lost Prince! BTW love your blog!

  2. I loved the first two in this series, but haven't gotten around to reading the next ones. I might have to pick these up soon!


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