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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Did You Know? Julie Kagawa does Dragons! New series has been unveiled!

Julie Kagawa may be is one of the best story tellers of our time. It's true, she is amazing. She is able to make vampires relevant again (which I really thank her for seeming as I love vampires, even if they are no longer as relevant as they used to be... They shall return!), and more than that she was able to get me into reading tales about faeries! Before her I didn't like faeries, and even know I am a little iffy about them, but tell me Julie Kagawa is writing it and I will go in blindly.

That is exactly what will happen with this book right here. Talon, the first book in her new YA series, is about Dragons. DRAGONS. I have never been a fan of dragons, ever really, so I was a little hesitant when I first heard this. But just for like a second. If it's Julie Kagawa writing it I am sure she will make it unforgettable, she will surely make us believe in Dragons once more.

Here is the press release from her blog:


Dragons and Warriors Face Off in a Modern-Day Battle
New York, NY, October 2, 2013—New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Kagawa today unveiled TALON, her new highly anticipated series from Harlequin TEEN. The Young Adult series, which has already been picked up by Universal Pictures, features dragons battling an ancient order of dragon slayers in a contemporary setting. TALON, the first book in the similarly named series, will be published on October 28, 2014.
The series revolves around dragons with the ability to disguise themselves as humans and an order of warriors sworn to eradicate them. The dragons of TALON and the Order of St. George have been at war with each other for centuries. The fabled creatures, whose existence is unknown by the general public, are determined to rule the world. Their foes, a legendary society of dragon slayers, are equally bent on driving the fabled beasts into extinction. However, when a young dragon and a hardened slayer unknowingly befriend each other, it has severe repercussions for both organizations.
So far so good! It seems Julie has always wanted to write this series, even before the Iron Fey series, and we are just glad that she gets the chance! Harlequin Teen is one of the best publishers ever.

What's even more incredible? The rights for the movie have ALREADY been picked up. These days every other movie is a remake of a YA book, and it's incredible how early on they pick up the rights. Baffled.
Universal Pictures has picked up the film rights to TALON with Chris Morgan attached to produce. Morgan is the writer of the studio’s Fast & Furious franchise and the upcoming Keanu Reeves samurai movie, 47 Ronin, as well as the producer of the recently announced The Legend of Conan film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
My reactions upon reading the news:


I mean, come on, it's Julie Kagawa!! I mean, it's dragons, and I am no fan of Dragons, but if anybody can pull it off it is most definitely her.


As usual this woman is going to write a great story and I'm going to be all like...


And at the end she is going to be bathing in piles of her own money. Because everybody is going to buy this book, EVERYBODY.


Yes I am excited, bring it on!


  1. Yaay! I'm so happy! I do love dragons, a lot. And Julie's books, I adore them! :) Great news! :)

  2. This series sounds AMAZING. Julie Kagawa has an awesome writing style and DRAGONS. Yes, please!

    Sara at The Page Sage

  3. I love dragons. Love Kagawa, so I'm definitely excited. (And YAY to the quick film option.) Except, I am still a little hesitant. While I ADORE the iron fey series, her vampire books are just okay for me.

  4. Oh gosh I LOVE her vampire series! There is nothing she has written, yet, that has disappointed me.

  5. Super excited. Knew nothing of this until i read your post.
    Dragons have always been my weakness so with Julie`s books my two loves are combined.


  6. Hi, great blog! I discovered it and my first thougt was: YEAH GREAT AMAZING NEWS! I love dragons AND Julie Kagawa.


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