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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Books VS. Movies; Which side do you choose?

These days practically every movie coming out seems to be made from a popular Young Adult book. And that is fine. I can see the allure, plus Hollywood seems to have run out of original ideas and must then find their money fans from already established fan bases. Cool, good for you movie people. Whats more is that movie sometimes convert people into reading books (as proven by thousands of converted Harry Potter fans), and this is fantastic! I have nothing against it... but it doesn't mean I support it wholeheartedly.

Secret: I rarely watch the YA movies. This is not to say that I don't report on them. I do posts on these movies because I know people who come here appreciate the news they might now see elsewhere. I like imagining these books turning into movies, not only because I want the author to succeed but also because I hope that these movies at least will turn some film watchers into book lovers. Call me a dreamer. But movies almost never meet my expectations, and so if given to choose between the two camps I will firmly stay in with my books than go out every other day to watch a (maybe) fantastic movie. My imagination is just that sweet.

Previous YA movies I didn't feel the need to watch: I confess I haven't watched Beautiful Creatures, City of Bones, The Lighting Thief (Percy Jackson), or Breaking Dawn (Twilight). And all of these are examples of books I loved (well, maybe except Breaking Dawn-huge letdown) so much that either I didn't feel like it was necessary for me to watch the movie or because the prequels had disappointed me so much I just couldn't give more of a crap about the sequels (looking at you TWILIGHT).

Future YA movies I don't feel the need to watch: Vampire Academy. I don't think I am going to go see this one come theaters, and I don't even know if I'll watch it after it comes out on DVD. Why? I absolutely LOVE Vampire Academy, it's my all time favorite YA series as many of my long time followers can testify to. From all I've gotten so far from previews and photos and the like I don't feel like it's going to live up to my expectations. More than likely it's going to flop, and not only because vampires are now "passé".

This doesn't mean that all YA novels turned movies (or TV shows) suck. I sincerely CANNOT WAIT for Catching Fire, it looks AMAZING and I LOVED The Hunger Games, both books and movies. Same goes for Divergent by Veronica Roth. I loved all the Harry Potter movies (to some extent), never as much as the books but I still waited to see them religiously every November midnight showing. And once Stephenie Meyer gets off her ass and writes the sequel to The Host you bet your ass I am reading that book and buying midnight tickets to the movie.

But in a world where I have to choose between the two? Books will always be my choice.


  1. Well when it comes to movie versus books it’s always going to be books for me (if I’ve read the book) but if I’ve read and loved the book I will almost always see the movie even if I am told it was terrible. I just want to see how it was interrupted and judge it as its own movie. A terrible movie will not ruin the books for me, if the movie of a beloved book flops then I would be disappointed sure (especially if the movie was vastly different from the book) but the movie doesn’t matter to me as much as the books do.

  2. Books, books, and more books!!! While I enjoy seeing my favorite books put into film, I also feel like there's something that's always missing. So I will always choose books first. Great post!

  3. You're not missing anything by not watching those movies. City of Bones was a disappointment. And I could barely finish Beautiful Creatures. But I'm such a glutton for films that I'll probably see Vampire Academy regardless. I'm hoping it actually does the book justice (that's asking a lot, I know) but maybe it'll at least be better than the previous YA adaptations. The only good one I've seen lately has been Warm Bodies.


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