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Saturday 3 November 2012

Have you voted yet? Goodreads Choice Awards 2012!!

Okay so I am here to tell you guys that Goodreads has this awards each year and that is pretty fun to vote for your favorite books so I think you should all head over there and vote!
Goodreads Author:

I voted for Lauren Oliver for this category. Why would I do this when Richelle Mead is in the listing? Well it's because I met Lauren Oliver once at a signing, and she was just the nicest person ever. Though I would have so voted for Julie Kagawa had she been in the running (because I love that woman! She is also super nice and every time I see her at signings she is kind enough to sign whatever book from her series I bring from home).
Graphic Novels and Comics:

I voted for The Walking Dead. I like that a lot of YAs are here though, Vampire Academy (which was so so on graphic novel form), Soulles by Gail Carriger, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick... My second choice would have been Avatar, gosh I love that series.
Young Adult Fiction:

TOTALLY voted for Pushing the Limits, such a good book! I looved it. I really want to read My Life Next Door, Easy and The Fault in our Stars. There's something about comtemporary this year!
Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction:

This one was by far the hardest, as is every year. So many good books, Legend, The Golden Lily, Pandemonium, Insurgent, The Immortal Rules... At the end though, even though I absolutely LOVED Pandemonium and The Immortal Rules (I go gaga for these books), I had to go with Sweet Evil. It was such a good book that didn't receive as much attention as the other two because it was a debut novel and all. Supporting new loves, even though my hand is itching to click on The Immortal Rules picture.

There are many other categories, but I only vote on the ones I actually have read some books on.

Voting is so much fun, so now go and show some love for your favorite titles here.

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  1. I'm definitely going to vote right now. Thanks for the heads-up!


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