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Thursday, 8 November 2012

So I started reading Strange Places by Jefferson Smith...

"Eliza's shoulders sagged. Why did anybody trust her to do anything important? She went to the window and leaned against the coat rack, burying her face in the folds of Regalia's old habit. She should have followed her usual Pylon Law: When you get confused, just stand still. When you're in danger or you don't know what's going on, pretend to be a deaf mute and wait. Sooner or later, the situation will reveal itself and tell you everything you need to know, so long as everybody thinks you're an idiot."
"There was Angiron's car, sitting nonchalantly at the curb, waiting to drag her away to some unimaginable creepy fate. And across the street from that was the alley- to the best of her knowledge, the home and castle of a completely different homicidal maniac- one who wore rubber pants and who has apparently chosen Tayna as his next chew toy. So many choices lay before her. Death by creepy short guy, or death by creepy tall guy. The world was nothing if not generous."
I just want to point out that the story isn't told from two different point of views, it is 3rd person story telling. These two quotes however give you a glimpse into the high point of Strange Places, which is the character's dialogue and way of thinking. Sometimes the main character (Tayna) seems older than mere 13 years old, but maybe that's because she had to grow up quick as an orphan in the worst orphanage ever created. It is a middle grade novel, but that shouldn't deter from it being a good story. I am only on chapter 7. I am really enjoying the character of Tayna and the dialogue, but I am also having trouble going through the novel at a brisk pace. It's kind of slow at times, and thus I start to lose interest. I think it may be because the author is trying to build this whole new world full of magic in which the magic isn't as exciting as I was expecting and it's more about nature and what not. For a middle grade book though I would have liked more off the books kind of magic. It was just a little disappointing to find out the roots of how the magic works. Again I am still in chapter 7 now so maybe the magic part of the story will get better... I can only hope.


  1. I read this earlier this year. I'm interested to see what you think once you finish it.

  2. I haven't read this so I'm curious to know what you think when you reach the end and whether or not I should pick it up.

  3. I'm curious to learn what you thought of it, too. :-)


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