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Saturday 6 October 2012

Cover Winner of September; New Covers for October.

The book with the best cover to hit shelves on August was...

Oh no a shocker! EVERYBODY loved this cover, it's beautiful. The dress, the dark background... Okay so not shocked it won.


Total Votes: 57

New Covers for October:

Holy Gosh, I love all of these! I have Crewel, Mystic City and LOST PRINCE (reviews to come), yet to get Valkyre Rising and counting the days down till The Evolution of Mara Dyer gets out. Now, I have it on good authority that there's going to be having a giveaway for one copy of The Lost Prince happen here around October 15th, so I thought to give you guys a heads up!

As always the voting in on the left sidebar, remember to vote! I also made a slideshow (it's on the top of the page) with January to October 2012 releases, with each passing month I increase the number of covers. It shows the date the books are released as well. You are welcome.

Which is your favorite? Also, you can leave suggestion in the comment box for covers for next month. Suggestions are always welcomed.

PS; All of these covers, and many many more, you can find at Bloody Bookaholic's Facebook Page. Check it out and you are welcome to "like" it. (Seriously, like it!)

PPS; Just wanted to remind you guys of the ticking clock for the The Highly Anticipated YA Fall 2012 Giveaway, you don't wanna miss out.


  1. I picked Crewel-I love the colors so much!

  2. I do love the Alice cover. Her dress!!!

  3. This month it is definitely a heated contest between Crewel because of the incredibly beautiful colors, and Mystic City because I like the darkness and the girls hair and it is just bad ass. I am not sure how to pick between the two. Next up would be Valkyrie Rising. Alice in Zombieland definitely deserved the title for last month. You just can't beat that beautiful cover. I reckon for next month I would nominate Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor.

  4. YES! I wanted Alice to win ... COVER LOVE!!!!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  5. I Voted for Alice to win ... I JUST LOVE THAT COVER! Have you seen the AUS version of it. It has the same model and black background but it also has a bright green border. You can see its cover here ---> http://goo.gl/pgHZs

    Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess

  6. So happy Alice won! Now I am crossing my fingers for Mystic City!

  7. Love The Evolution of Mara Dyer Cover !!!!!

  8. Alice is so beautiful! :D It was in the newsagency yesterday and I really wanted it, but have too much to read alread XD
    I just couldn't go past Crewel. The colours were so beautiful!

  9. I'm not surprised that Alice in Zombieland's cover won! Her dress is gorgeous! My favorite for October is The Lost Prince. I like the blue and white and the mood of it. Can't wait to see which one wins for October!

    Suz Reads


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