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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Cover Revealed: Shadow of the Mark (Carrier of the Mark #2) by Leigh Fallon

Color me... unimpressed. Sure the purple look amazing, the background is magnificent, and the font is to die for, but I feel a strange case of Deja-vook cover (totally my word now) starting to come over me. isn't this almost exactly the same cover as Carrier of the Mark? Only, a different color?

Sure the girl's face if facing the opposite direction, the clouds are more angry in the new cover, the dress color changed and the smoke has intensified, but really other than that what is different about the concept? It's still the same girl in the exact same position with different circumstances. Unless that is supposed to be it, kind of symbolizing the essence of the new book's story? (trying to stretch my theory as far as it can go) But still I like my covers and I feel utterly robed here. I was expecting a new show and all I got was a 2 dollar repeat.

You know what pisses me off even more? It's a magnificent cover, and it looks so good.

Damn it.

cover source


  1. I've got to agree. I actually prefer the sequel cover, but when you realize the original was pretty much exactly the same... it's kinda boring.

  2. I agree. Like, the color for the new cover is GORGEOUS and the wisps of smoke or whatever are now plumes but it's the same exact image... :/

  3. If they at least used a girl with a different pose it would be a great cover.

  4. Sigh....I guess it's ok. Not a fan of this series, so I guess I don't really care :p

  5. It's so gorgeous! I'm in love :) I need to start this series just because those covers are amazing!

  6. Disappointed! I expect so much more from a major publisher. It looks like they paid someone $5 to flip the image in Photoshop and add some purple. It's fine to use a similar concept...but the same photo?

  7. I actually really like it. They are both beautiful, and they fit together really well. I know I am in the minority here. That kind of sucks, but I gotta keep it real! Hehe!


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