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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Beautiful Creatures Movie News: Mini Trailer Extravaganza!! (Plus Commentary Extras)

When they announced that Beautiful Creatures was going to be a movie I rolled my eyes and paid no mind. So many YAs have been turned into movies lately that it wasn't really that big of a deal, I reserved my judgement until cast had been announced. Well now, months later, I have to say that I am eagerly expecting the arrival of Beautiful Creatures, and it's all thanks to this trailer.


Oh gosh I got goose bumps just watching that O.O it looks so good! I am really liking the cast, all except, you guessed it, Ethan. Still don't like him, he looks and acts too old! Ethan in the book sure was  wise for his age, but he was still a teen. But the dark casters, the clothing, the camera work, the setting... everything feels right. I am actually very eager to watch it now. Gotta re read the book before the movie comes out though!

Did you like it? Are you excited? Do you like Ethan? Is it just me that finds him old/creepy?


  1. To be honest, I'm more excited to see the sets and what they do with the cgi. I'm not too sure about the actors...we'll see.

  2. I have not read the book yet but now I kind of have to because it seems really exciting and that trailer is beautiful! :D

  3. I know so many people don't like this series, but I for one absolutely love it and I can't wait for the movie. If they play it right, I think it could be fantastic!

  4. I didn't liked the books, but these trailer! It just looks so amazing! can't wait for the movie! I may even give the Beautiful Creatures a second chance and finish the series...

  5. I had to laugh when I read your initial reaction of this book becoming a movie because I felt the same way! But I love the trailer and think it will be a great movie! I think Ethan older than I would have expected but I didn't find him creepy...Thanks for sharing the trailer with us :)

    Suz Reads

  6. A friend and I went to see Pitch Perfect tonight and they had a trailer for Beautiful Creatures. Oh. My! It was amazing. I was clapping, and jumping up and down in my seat. People were looking at me a little strangely. I just don't care though. It was amazing. So excited!


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