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Wednesday 17 October 2012

Book Trailer for Matched, by Allie Condie.

I saw this trailer and I just had to share it. Trailers have come a long way from where they only used to be plain images with some text, now they are all elaborate and kind of amazing. I think this has to be of my favorite trailers though. I like the voice of the girl speaking, the way they handled the introduction with their video editing... Basically it was a well made trailer for one of my favorite books back in the day (wow, Matched released on 2012 and it's still making a buzz). Was it one of your favorite as well? What is your stand when it comes to the overall series?

Anyways enjoy the trailer guys, and "like" Matched's Facebook page. They are posting Reached teasers every day now, and that is a must not miss event.


  1. This has gotten me really excited for Reached!!

  2. I'm looking forward to Reached and I liked this series but I can't say it was my favorite. The Hunger Games and Twilight series are my tops so far... Thanks for sharing this trailer :)

    Suz Reads

  3. I am usually not a huge fan of trailers, but this one isn't horrible. I really need to finally read this series.


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