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Monday 6 August 2012

Cover Winner of July; New Covers for August

The book with the best cover to hit shelves on July was...


I love the purple in this cover, and the very very blonde, almost white, hair of the model. Absolutely breath taking. Though for a minute there I thought The Unquiet's Cover was going to win but Endlessly won by one single vote. Who said one vote can't make a difference?


August Contenders: 

It is so hard this month because all these covers are beautiful! I love every single one of them, from the red details of Girl of Nightmares to the cool blue undertones of Throne of Glass.

As always the voting in on the left sidebar, remember to vote! I also made a slideshow (it's on the top of the page) with January to July 2012 releases, with each passing month I increase the number of covers. It shows the date the books are released as well. You are welcome.

Which is your favorite? Also, you can leave suggestion in the comment box for covers for next month. Suggestions are always welcomed.

PS; All of these covers, and many many more, you can find at Bloody Bookaholic's Facebook Page. Check it out and you are welcome to "like" it.

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  1. Yeah Endlessly book cover is so pretty.missed the poll but count my vote for it.

    I Am from India,. And I have recently started A book review blog. I am following you. Please do follow.


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