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Monday, 6 August 2012

So I started reading Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Black City (Black City, #1)

Okay so I just started reading this book and it's already got like 4 or 5 quotes that I want to share with you guys. So instead of picking only one long quote as usual I am going to pick snippets of parts that I've really liked thus far. I hope you like them as much as I do:
"She hands me an old playing card with two hearts in it, one red, one black. It's my calling card. It seemed an appropriate choice; that's what I'm selling after all, an illusion of love."
Another snippet...
"Focus, ash. Don't blow your load.
I lean towards her, pressing my lips agaisnt the soft flesh on her neck, just below her ear. Her pulse flutters under my lips, and I nearly lose it. I begin to nibble on the flesh, tickling the tiny hairs on her neck with my tongue, making them wet with my saliva.
"Do it," she whispers.
So much for foreplay."

Just one more! I promise:
"An explosion of pain bursts inside my chest, and I clutch a hand over my lifeless heart. I sense someone behind me and turn.
A girl stands by the entranceway, lit by the headlamps of a passing truck. In the fleeting lightm I catch a glimpse of cornflower-blue eyes flicking between me and the Hazer writhing n the ground.
Her gaze finally fixes on me.
I fall back, struck down, as the pain in my chest blooms again.
Shivers run through my body, rushing towards a single point in my chest. There's a spark of electricity and then:
A flutter."
Ah, vampires how I've missed thee! I haven't read a decent vampire book in a while so I am really hopeful about this one. An interesting fact of the book is that vampires are called Darklings here, I like that word. I usually associate it with faeries, but as Black City shows us it can work quite well with vampires too.

*ARC quotes. All and any quotes here are subject to change in the final product.


  1. Oh, nice! I have this in so I'll have to read this soon!

  2. I so love the sound of BLACK CITY and can't wait to read it myself. Love these quotes, so thank you very much for sharing them with us! Happy reading! :)

    Fictional Distraction


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