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Thursday 16 August 2012

Fabulous Sequel Covers: Deviants #3, Glitch #2, and The Hunt #2

So I've been away for a while now, about two weeks roughly, and have only posted about 3 posts in all. I work at a student property and move in move out has been going on for two weeks now, leaving me no time for ANYTHING else. But enough of the yapping about my work, time for some book cover lust! I do not know if these were release recently because I honestly haven't been on top of my game, but I decided to release them here anyways because they look fabulous!

The Prey (The Hunt, #2)
The Hunt #2

Ravage (Deviants, #3)
Deviants #3

Override (Glitch, #2)
Glitch #2

I didn't want to add any summaries due to the fact that these are sequels and I don't want to spoil anything. My favorite is The Prey by far! It's so cool, blue, and it looks awesome. The half-moon design in the title, the way you can't see the whole image... Way better than The Hunt's cover.

Ravage is pretty cool, it definitely goes with the "theme" of the other covers of the series. So good flow. I think all I like about Override is the title really, and the way the lady is writing on her wrist, though to be honest I had to do a double take at first ("What is she doing? Oooh writing on her wrist, got it").

Hope you enjoyed these, and I advise you to come back very soon because, well, school is starting soon so I might just have to do one of my major giveaways with soon to be released books.

Plus I have other tricks up my sleeve, and those are always fun.

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