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Saturday 14 July 2012

Prodigy (Legend #2) by Marie Lu Sneak Peak!!

He pauses when he finishes undoing the last button, then closes his eyes. I can see the pain slashed across his face, and the sight tears at me. The Republic's most wanted criminal is just a boy, sitting before me, suddenly vulnerable, laying all his weaknesses out for me to see.

I straighten and reach up to his shirt. My hands touch the skin of his shoulders. I try to keep my breathing even, my mind sharp and calculated. But as I help him pull off the shirt and reveal his bare arms and chest, I can feel the corners of my logic growing fuzzy. Day is fit and lean under his clothes, his skin surprisingly smooth except for an occasional scar (he has four faint ones on his chest and waist, another one that's a thin diagonal line running from left collarbone to right hip bone, and a healing scab on his arm). He holds me with his gaze. It's hard to describe Day to those who have never seen him before- exotic, unique, overwhelming. He's very close now, close enough for me to see the tiny rippled imperfection in the ocean of his left eye. His breaths come out hot and shallow. Heat rises on my cheeks, but I don't want to turn away.

"We're in this together, right?" he whispers. "You and me? You want to be here, yeah?"
There's guilt in his questions. "Yes," I reply. "I chose this."

Day pulls me close enough for our noses to touch. "I love you."

My heart flips in excitement at the desire in his voice- but at the same time, the technical part of my brain instantly flares up. Highly improbable, it scoffs. A month ago, he didn't even know I existed. So I blurt out, "No, you don't. Not yet."
 Holy Damn DAY!

Just saying...
What I like the most about this scene in the book, other than Day stripping, is actually how June is so calm, collected and reasonable. Completely the opposite from other YA girls who would have been all "OMG he just said he LOVED ME! I can't believe it!! I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO XOXO, let's make out and make our love eternal! LOVERS FOREVA" she is more like, "Okay Day, let's be reasonable here, you've only known me for what, a month? Please, don't insult my intelligence. You don't even really know me." Of course this is the more "un-romantic" route, but it is also the most realistic one. Day is probably falling in lust (did you hear the desire in his voice? I could feel it from all the way over here!) but love? Hmm June and I both wonder.

I love that part, "No, you don't. Not yet." She isn't saying they couldn't possibly fall in love, but just pointing out the obvious that it hasn't happened yet. I cannot wait till the page where she is finally ready to reciprocate.

*This sneak peak comes from an uncorrected advance galley. Future changes may occur on the final product.


  1. Ahh that was such a good extract - can't wait to read this now!! Also loving your GIF xD

    What's Hot?

  2. Just to clarify it isn't my GIF since I didn't make it, it was just a GIF I found online. But yeah, it's pretty great! Who knew Disney was sexy?

  3. Great extract. And I'm loving the GIF-- sexy disney that's a whole new category to boggle my brain.


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