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Monday 16 July 2012

Comic Con: Vampire Diaries Season 4 Teaser!!

I am so happy that they had the guts to actually follow through with the story line of the books (well, sort of) and make Elena into a vampire. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 4! Elena will have to admit she met Damon first, not Stefan, maybe she'll hate Stefan and finally choose Damon, or maybe she won't hate Stefan but STILL CHOOSE DAMON. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULDN'T CHOOSE DAMON? ELENA, that's who.

*sigh* Breathe in, breathe out... The vampire diaries books never got such a high rise out of me. I rated them a low 3 star, almost 2.5. But the series? Holy hell I am an addict! I love it!

Let's just hope they don't follow EVERY single plot line of the books to a letter... at least when it comes to Elena and her living/non living status I mean.

Did you enjoy this preview as much as I did? I have to agree, there was a lot of previous episodes mixed up in there but there was also a lot of new scenes. October can't get here fast enough.


  1. Oh my gosh, my friend was there and she taped it and posted on Facebook. I'm so excited for Season 4!!!!!!

  2. I would just burst if I got to meet the actors lol. Okay I'll stop now.


  3. I'm so excited for the show to start again! :D

  4. LOVE this preview. LOVE Damon. WHO WOULDN'T CHOOSE DAMON?! Hahhaha. Exactly.

  5. I'm exited toooooooo for season 4..... when I can download it????


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