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Friday 1 October 2010

A Trailer that will Leave you Breathless

Could book trailers hitting T.V. be the big thing that we need? I mean think about it, movies have trailers, makes people watch them more, I think books having trailers, and good ones at that, could just be the thing that the public needs in order to get more involved in the book world. After watching this trailer I would personally buy all 5 books, if I didn't have them already that is...

Oh gosh! This trailer was made by the guys at Penguin and it contains in it glimpses into 5 novels, The Eternal Ones (one of my favs this year), The Replacement, Nightshade, Matched (next in my reading line) and Saphique, the sequel to Incarceron.

The first one is the Eternal Ones, a girl who haves glimpses into her past, the second one is for The Replacement obviously (hot guy standing by a crib?!), third one is for Nightshade, blond girl running in the woods, fourth one is Matched, a girl breaking the bubble she has been living in, and finally the fifth one if for Saphique, which is the only one I'm totally out of the loop on since I haven't read Incarceron. 

(click this image and go to the official site)
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  1. I think TV previews would be a superb idea. However, with the publishing industry in the slump that it's in, would publishers be willing to pay for a new type of advertisement?

  2. oh wow the trailer was kick ass thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Awesome Trailer! I just finished the Eternal Ones and I think that they girl they chose for Haven looks great!


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