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Thursday 28 October 2010

Remember my lack of a Bookshelf?

Well, something funny happened recently. My amazing, tall, manly bookshelf named Raphael (Yes, I named it, let's move on) fell apart. He couldn't take the heat of moving, and all that freaking weight. So, he fell from grace into the trash can (and actually I kept the upper part and made it into a sort of table thing where I now put my dishes and keys). But! Thanks to the awesome people at CSN Stores I have another chance to review one of their pieces (which I am veerrryyy happy about!). So many choices though... DVD shelfs, book shelfs, nightstands, and even pretty lights!! But, I am in an urgent need of a bookshelf, so Ill go with that.

For now, I am looking at this piece for my books...

At first I thought, hmm maybe not, because it doesn't seem like it can hold that much in that picture right? But then I found this review by Anne O. at the CSN Store site and she put this picture up:

On this picture it looks like it can hold a number of books while still looking pretty nice so, I'm going for it!

Reasons to like it:
  • It looks very pretty xD
  • It has that nice design on top, and you can also put things on top of it so instead of being 3 shelfs you could make it four if need be.
  • 3 shelfs originally.
  • The dimensions (I always look at dimensions when picking) are: 52.75" H x 23.75" W x 12" D, definitely pretty good for the price.
  • It has that antique feeling.
  • It's only $69.00, and free shipping!
I may get it, may not, but If you want to look at it, or its reviews, click here.


  1. HA! First off, may I say I thought I was the ONLY one who named everything I won. LOL

    Second, everything has it's day-o-demise, and I guess it was just Raphael's time...Nothing you could have done *tear*

    Third, that shelf is absolutely gorgeous! And only $70 is definitely a good deal :)

    If you do get it, you'll have to let me know what you name it. Hehe.

  2. I just got a nice new bookshelf to! It is black and looks a lot like yours!


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