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Friday, 1 October 2010

Jeaniene Frost Merchandise O.O

Oh GOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! There's actual shirts and stuff!!! It's amazing, theres shirts for everybody and anybody! Lovers of Bones, Mercheres, Cat, Spade, EVEN Tate! You name it, they have it!

I was stalking browsing the site of Jeaniene Frost for the billion time first time today and I found a link to a store online which sells T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, cutting boards and other stuff with messages specially engineered for Jeaniene Frost fans!!!

I love to give free promotion to one of my favorite authors ever- as should all of you!- so I think I will be buying a couple of these puppies and wearing them at college. When people ask me what the hell does it mean the Chapter 32 on my shirt, well, they are going to get a mouth full...

My favorite 3 shirts:

Why, hello indeed... 



Bones... Chapter 32... Bingo!

Those of you who aren't fans probably won't get it... 
But those of you who do, isn't this shirt orgasawesometastic?!

I will be buying all 3. Soon.

Main Store Page, shop away ladies... 

PS; There are shirts for men and stuff)


  1. I saw this on her website a week ago and totally forgot about it!! thanks for reminding me. I will be getting one of everything lol!

  2. oh no..I read the series with Bones but I don't get the chapter 32 reference. Should I not admit this in public? :) But..I really want to know. lol!


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