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Sunday 17 October 2010

Edward and Bella Get a Daughter...

The girl who will play Renesmee in the Twilight movies has been revealed!! Her name is Mackenzie Foy, a 9 year-old-actress. Or so they hope, the studio has yet to lock a deal with the young actress but is expected to do so (according to Entretainment magazine). I wonder why though. I mean, this girl will be getting a) famous and b) lots of money.

The fricking girl even has a FAN SITE. Shes 9 for goodness sake! But, I guess she would make a good Renesmee. Shes pretty enough. Go Mackenzie!


  1. A 9-year-old? Hmmm... I thought Renesmee was supposed to be between the ages of infancy and about 4. What are they going to do for her creepy talking baby stage?

    I just don't see how they're going to make this movie without a ton of weirdness. I guess we'll find out...

  2. @La Coccinelle they might do something a la Benjamin Button, probably, quite possibly.

  3. I haven't seen the Benjamin Button movie, unfortunately. Do you mean something with CGI?

  4. She's really pretty for a 9-year old but I've never heard of her (I don't think so anyways....). And that's weird she has a fan site already...

    And I just saw your new Halloween -themed header and it's so cute! I love it!! :)

  5. @La Coccinelle Well, I do not know what CGI is... am, well, in Benjamin he goes from being an old man to a baby, so I guess they will be using the same kind of technology. It was pretty believable in the BB movie.

    @Midnight Bloom Thank you! All for Halloween.

  6. She's super cute!!!! I have yet to read the Twilight novels so I'm a little behind on everything, I have no idea what's to happen!

    I'm a new follower and what an amazing blog you have! I love your book slide at the top! I running to goodreads to add more to my list! Thanks!!

    I see that you're currently reading Matched!!! It was fantastic wasn't it?!

  7. I thought she was a little too old also. But she is adorable and it would make sense if they CGI'ed her for the movie.

    I cannot wait for it!!!


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