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Tuesday 25 May 2010

BEA is Here, Time for Updates!

Throught the day I will be giving little updates of what I see and stuff at BEA.
  • I got here at 7:00 a.m. Early? Kinda. There is not a lot of people here. The exhibit hall opens up tomorrow, but there are a couple of conferences I got my eyes on. For example, The Author Stage and BEA Editors Buzz.
  • I brought a book with me... I know...
  • My badge is pweetty! Though it has my real name on it O.o (It says PRESS!! IM PRESS!!!)
  • Im meeting Eleni from La Femme Readers! We txted last night and this morning, and she is on her way here!
  • Im also meeting Sandy, The Pirate Penguin, and Lexie from Poisoned Rationality. Though I think I don't meet them till tomorrow...
  • More people are getting here. Better go and see what I can do about buying tickets for author's signings.

More updates later. Love you guys!



  1. arghh so cool! keep us updated!

  2. I'll be there tomorrow! :)

    I'm going to be wearing a green top w/ black (yoga) pants. Yeah, I'm going for comfort over style. :) Have fun today!

  3. I'm going tomorrow! Hope to see you ladies there :)

  4. You are so lucky you get to go!!! Have fun meeting all the auhtors and fellow bloggers!!! And...OMG you're PRESS, how friggen awesome!!!Have Fun!!!

  5. soooo jealous hope you are having a blast! Wish I was there!!!(:


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