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Sunday 30 May 2010

BEA Day 1

May 24

I got to New York May 24 and I went to the Teen Author Carnival thing on the Jefferson Library. Sad to say that my airplane was delayed and I got to New York an hour later than I was suppose to, so when I got to the TAC they were kicking people off. I stayed there for about half hour. I met Michelle Zink in person! Along with other authors. I hear Sandy The Penguin was there, but I didn't really talked to anybody there so I didn't see her... yet.

That same day around eleven I started receiving txt messages from Lexie from Poisoned Rationality about meeting up at BEA. You have no idea how happy I was I wasn't going to spend my BEA days alone! But then I had the idea to txt Sandy The Pirate Penguin, and Eleni from La Femme Readers. We talked and we decided to all meet up on Wednesday. But I met Eleni on Tuesday because we both went to BEA that day.

May 25

This are the stairs at the Javits Center. Nice uh?

BEA that day was all about preparation, booths were being put on place, everyone was running about doing their job, pretty uneventful. The good thing is that I got to meet Eleni...

(Eleni on Left, me on Right)

...and some other bloggers like
Jennifer from Reading With Tequila...


...and Emily from Red House Books.

(Eleni on Left, Emily on Right)

Also we got to make routes and get to know the area (oh, and we learned the routes to the closest bathrooms! Lifesaver really)

Anyways, we stayed there for a lil while just talking and hanging out, but at like 12 we were bored and decided to go to The Strand, a place I had never visited before but heard it was worth visiting. We took a taxi there (my first taxi ever!!! Eleni and Emily were kind of making fun of me, damn them!!!)

Jennifer couldn't go with us to Strand unfortunately, because she had to go home (she lives a little far away), so I went with Eleni and Emily.

And let me tell you...


If you have never gone to Strand the bookstore, OMG believe me you have to go! Miles and Miles of books in every direction. Books old and new all lingering together waiting for the right person to take them home. It's swoon worthy.

After I cleaned the drool off the floor, I wondered around the YA section, and Eleni showed me the ARC section. I don't know how they do it (sell ARC's, maybe they buy them from the publishers?) but I bought one ARC. Starlighter, Dragons of Starlight. It looked pretty good, and it was only 2 dollars O.o 2 fricking dollars! Somewhere deep inside I think I bought it because it has 2 dollars...

After Strand, we went and took the subway to our homes (or in my cause my Inn), and Eleni showed me which one to take and all that. Let me tell you, she is a sweet heart! She didn't want me to get lost, and she even told me to call her when I got home/Inn to know I wasn't eaten by zombies. Of course I forgot to call her till like 11 pm, but I did at the end!

What I am saying here? What is all this story telling Taschima? Well, what I am saying is that, the best part of my day was meeting bloggers. Meeting Eleni, Emily, and Jennifer. They are all awesome, and the best part is I can babble about books or anything and they got it. It was an experience way worth whatever I paid to get to NY.

And this was Day 1 at BEA/NY. After I left the girls I went out with my mom and my friend Chaz (a friend which I will be talking about a lil bit later on). With them I went to Books of Wonder (a bookstore)...

...and met the Class of 2k10. Which were...

(There are a lot of authors here, and for the life of my I can't remember name by order xD)

ALEXANDRA DIAZ - Of All the Stupid Things
KITTY KESWICK - Freaksville
JANET FOX - Faithful
BONNIE J DOERR - Island Sting
JAME RICHARDS - Three Rivers Rising
SHARI MAURER - Change of Heart
LEAH CYPESS - Mistwood
IRENE LATHAM - Leaving Gee's Bend
RHONDA HAYTER - The Witchie Worries of Abbie Adams
ERICA PERL - Vintage Veronica

(some of them weren't at the event, I think)

It was pretty cool to hear all the authors speak and stuff. But I left there quite early because I wanted to go out and experience NY!

Oh and...

I love New York.


  1. I'm kind of sad I wasn't able to see y'all on Tuesday. ::shakes fist angrily at family:: But next year we'll have a better plan (and hotel).

    I'm rather jealous you got to meet so many of the 2k10'ers :D

    and I really hates cabs...I'd walk (ha! we did that) or take the subway everywhere (money allowing).

  2. Ohhh, after reading through everyone's amazing posts about it - yours included - I've decided that I *HAVE* to go to BEA next year! :) And Strand sounds amazing ... wow! Thanks for sharing - it's the next best thing to having gone there myself! Can't wait to hear about day two! :)

  3. Nice to have another New York convert!

  4. omg it sounds awesome and im glad you all had a lovely time, its so cool that you got to meat one another!

  5. And NY loves you :) Have you planned your next visit yet? We should make a date to meet up at Strand again! Had a great first day with you!!! (sorry about making fun of your first taxi ride...but at least you'll always remember it now right?)

  6. I love the stairs!! It sounds like a really amazing experience, I'm really going to start saving money to go next year! =D

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun. It must have been awesome to meet up with Eleni, she seems so nice, It would be so much fun to meet her! And the entire class of 2K10, I want so many of their books!!! Stand bookstore sounds like a dream. Glad you had lots of fun this year, are you planning on attending next year too?

  8. Dude, seriously, that's the picture you post of me? Jeez.

    Actually the more I look at it the more I like it. I have character. (Or something that makes me feel better)

    It was awesome hanging out with you all week!

  9. It sounds so wonderful! I am having fun doing BEA vicariously through everyone that went!

  10. This sounds totally amaaazing.
    But Im kinda confused.. a lot of bloggers have been showing off the lovely books they got from BEA, and I just wanted to ask.. are they actual, real live FREE books?
    In case you cant tell, im new to all this lol.
    Also- when will you post your contest winners?
    Im excited for its end! haha.

  11. it sounds like you had a great time!

  12. Yay! So glad you had fun girl. So did I, it was great hanging with you and the rest of the girls. :)

  13. I love ny... me, too!!! So many bookshop!!
    But I live in another world...=.=

    Anyway! fantastic day for you! you lucky!

  14. @Emily a.k.a WilowRaven I am thinking of talking to you guys and get a room at a hotel close to the Javits =]

    iluvhersheys_andbooks Oh, Im soo there next year!

    @ ~Jennifer~ I LIKE THAT PICTURE!!! You are very pretty Jen =]

    @ ChickLitGirl Books are not present till May 26 ;) And yes, they are FREE (surprised me too girl, it really did). Also Im posting my contest winners this week! (didn't do it last week because it was BEA week and I had no Wi Fi)

    @Erika Oh, I had a fantastic time!

    @Donna Im moving to New York some way, I swear to the heavens!!!

  15. I was there too - wasnt tat a blast? I loved the authors events and the 2010 debut authors carnival was a lot of fun.

  16. Sounds like you had a great time, lol! (:

  17. Awesome :) Thanks for the break down :)

  18. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! And it was all in one day! That bookstore up there sounds so cool, I can't believe they sell ARCs! Happy reading with those two books! :)

  19. We should've texted each other on Monday-I was toting that backpack you saw me with at BEA! Isn't Strand amazing? I'm so glad you got to go!! Next year we should go together with Lexie and Emily...and whoever else wants to join, lol!

    Books of Wonder looks fun. I was there once but I wasn't really impressed to be honest... o_O; Still, I'm glad you had a great first day!

  20. That sounds like so much fun. I really want to go to Strand the bookstore now; it sounds amazinggg. And an ARC for only $2? Amazinggg.


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