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Monday 17 May 2010

Episode (3) Books and...

Your Brain O.o

The brain is one of the most interesting things ever for sooo many reasons. The main reason for me is because that mushy thing you have up there can create so much, and everything is in an abstract form. Sure science could explain the why's, but it can only try to explain the how's. How do you see? Well light does this and that and that goes through there and blah blah blah... You can talk about the progress all you want, still mere sight is amazing. It's so abstract how you can see colors, but you can't touch sight for crying out loud (well, you can certainly touch your eyes, but you get what I mean; your eyes are only the vessel.) It's like air, or thinking; that little voice inside your head that is there since the day you were born, but, uuugh it's so hard to understand how it can BE there.

But how does this pertain to books you ask? Well, lately Ive been thinking of how when you read something, if the author is very good, you get transported to the scene and you can basically 'see' what is happening, but you are till able to read the lines! It's so cool, and maybe it's only me that thinks this sort of wacky stuff, but for me it's so interesting. You are here, reading my post and you are probably imagining some wacko girl with round glasses, with crazy hair, who from time to time likes to laugh hysterically like a mad genius (and if you weren't, well, you are now!) and that is a picture I just put in your head!!! I didn't really do anything but write what the crazy voice inside my head is telling me to write, and still I hold the power of creating images in your brain. Makes you feel kind of powerful.

Sometimes, when I am reading a book, I start thinking about this, and let me tell you that once you realize what you are doing, how you are creating this image from words, its kind of hard to get back on the horse because you then can't stop seeing the letters.

Do any of you think about this sort of stuff? Read something and then think of what I am saying. Preferably not right after reading this post, but very soon, and let me know how it goes.

PS; I am a very weird girl.


  1. Actually, I do think about this occasionally. It just hits me sometimes while reading that someone st in their dark basement, lit only by the mild glow of a laptop screen, might have mulled over a certain phrase for hours trying to get it just right. It's hard to get the image of a person pulling their hair out over their choice of adjectives out of head and sometimes I just have to put the book down.
    BTW, life is good right now, I've just been preoccupied with non-cyber things. This happens to me when the weather gets too nice; I have a hard time sitting down to blog when I could be outside sunburning. :)
    How's life treating you, Taschima? If it's giving you a hard time, I'll knock it's teeth out. ;)

  2. Haha, I know what you mean. Sometimes when Im reading, I start to think, this is a book, not real, and im READING it, like its just words. And then I start to see the words and its a few minutes after that, that I can actually get back into the book.

  3. There was a experiment done a while ago to try and predict a decision before it is made. They hooked up a volunteer to this machine and 10 seconds before he chose to reach for a glass with his left hand they knew!!! How crazy is that?!?!

  4. You're not alone, I think about this all the time. It's like the letters disappear and in your brain you can play the scenes like it was a movie. But, not all books have the power to do this to you.


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