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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Teaser Tuesday

One of the few memes I trully enjoy, Teaser Tuesday!!

Ive just finished with Lover Mine by J. R. Ward, and have loots to say on the subject, so, come back tomorrow so you can get an earful (which will not contain spoilers). The book was a true Black Dagger Brotherhood story, and I loved it. Though it's kind of hard to dislike a book in this series, well, other than Phurys...

Anyways, right after I finished with Lover Mine I dived right into Dead In The Family, a book Ive been babbling about for months now and is now in my premises.

Currently on page 45 ;]

"Claude sat, beautiful and unreadable, for a long time. He never looked at me directly nor drank his coffee. When he'd reached some inner conclusion, he rose and left, walking down the driveway toward Hummingbird Road. I don't know where his car was parked. For all I knew, he'd walked all the way from Monroe, or flown over on a magic carpet. I went into the house, sank to my knees right inside the door, and cried. My hands were shaking. My wrists ached.

The whole time we'd been talking, I'd been waiting for him to make his move.

I realized I wanted to live."
Dead in the Family, pg. 9

This quote is so... Wow. I really love it. You can feel the tension, the indecision, the sadness that Sookie has inside, but you can also see her desire to live. Another thing I love about this quote is that I can see everything with such clarity. I can see them both sitting there, just unmoving, waiting for a decision to be made, and then the tension dissipates and Claude leaves. Sookie stands up, and breaks apart not because she wishes to die, but because she wishes to live. That thin string that kept her sane snaps and everything comes rushing out at top speed. Just, exquisite.
...Perhaps one more quote?

"I couldn't deny that I felt better since he'd bought himself to tell me. Yet I didn't feel as much better as I'd hoped, though now I knew why he hadn't come when I'd been screaming for him. I could even understand why it had taken so long for him to tell me. Helplessness was a state Eric didn't often encounter. Eric was supernatural, and he was incredibly strong, and he was a great fighter. But he was not a superhero, and he couldn't overcome several determined members of his own race. And I realized he'd given me a lot of blood when he himself was healing from the silver chains.
Finally, something inside me relaxed at the logic of his story. I believed him in my heart, not just in my head.
A red tear fell on my bare shoulder and coursed down. I swept it up on my finger putting my finger to his lips- offering his pain back to him. I had plenty of my own.
"I think we need to kill Victor," I said, and his eyer met mine.
I'd finally succeeded in surprising Eric."
Dead in the Family, pg. 17

You know, I remember Sookie in the first book. She was so innocent. You can see how much she has grown up through the series. She has done a bunch of character development, for good or bad. And Eric, he has also surprised me on various occasions. Imagining him crying? Kind of breath taking in my mind. He is like a Greek statue, glorious an perfect, and those red tears in contrast with his sleek pale skin... Those who know Eric's personality know what I'm talking about.

Can't wait to finish reading this book. Come back tomorrow for my talk about Lover Mine.

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.


  1. Great teasers! I thought this was one of the best Sookie books. I liked that there was less exterior conflict and more interior. I liked that Sookie has grown and changed. I think it makes the series much more believable. If Sookie hadn't become more cynical, she would not be a believable or sympathetic character. Happy reading!

  2. I just got the book signed today!!! I met the author at Borders! She is so sweet!!

  3. I've been reading a lot of controversial reviews about the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I'm glad to hear that you seem to be enjoying it so far. Can't wait to hear all of your thoughts on it when you've finished! :)

  4. Hey great quotes. We actually have the same book for our teaser! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (I just finished it an hour ago)!

  5. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! And I am in love with eric so I know how u feel! I can not wait to see what you think I am still posting my books I have read when I was away lol. But I get you girl Eric is the best =)

  6. I could kick myself. I almost bought this book today, but decided to wait until payday. (my son gave me book money) Should have bought it! Sookie books are some of my favorites.

  7. I got the book yesterday can't wait to read it

  8. Oh I've always enjoyed Charlaine Harris' writing. I might check this out too.

  9. Oh oh oh! I have both Lover Mine and Dead in the Family on hold at my library. Of course, I'm like the 150th person waiting for each, but...I cannot wait to read them! Which series do you like best? It's hard to choose! Eric is way cooler than Bill. :D

  10. @Kathy Martin I know what you talking about with the whole internal conflict thing; it's making the book so good on so many levels.

    @Leilani I kind of envy you... I so want to meet her!!! T_T

    @Natalie Controversial? Hhm interesting... Well I don't know, I just know how to pick books that I will like, it isn't that I love every single book I read, but every book I read I enjoy, well, 80% OF THEM AT LEAST ;)

    @Rheanna I will try to stop by your blog and look at your teaser and review =]

    @Rachel Welcome back!!! I missed you!! (Eric is mine!)

    @Mardel Don't kick yourself! I'm sure whatever book you got will be good. Mayybe not as good as this one, but you know, it's Sookie ;)

    @Elizabeth what are you waiting for!??! RUN!

    @Jillian (copy, paste, what I said to Elizabeth)

    @Kris The Brothers are my favs always, and Eric is the best!

  11. I am so seriously jealous of you. This is my favorite series. AHHH!!

  12. I haven't read the series yet, I started the first book a last week because I finally got my hands on a copy, though it's not mine. But I had to give the book back to my friend so I started a different book.

    I love True Blood <3 Waiting for the 3rd season. -_-

  13. Great teasers! I love the show on HBO. I am starting to fall for Eric. Bill just strikes me as creepy. Are the books a lot different from the show?


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