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Saturday 19 December 2009

New Affiliates!

I have 2 new affiliates! There are only going to be 7 Bloody Affiliates so I have to pick them wisely. Here it goes!

First new affiliate is...

Pirate Penguin’s Reads

Sandy for Pirate Penguin Reads is a old blogger friend of mine. Pirate Penguin's Reads is a site that reviews almost everything available in the YA genre as well as some adult titles and SOME middle-grade books. She doesn't do mystery or thriller-it just ain't her thing.

Second affiliate, or should I say affiliates...

They are Alyssa 18, Jake 16, Gregory 15 from Teens Read And Write. They do almost all YA and some MG. They focus on Urban Fantasy because that's their favorite genre to read but review other genres occasionally if it suits their fancy as well as the occasional movie and TV review - and Gregory sometimes talks about futbol (soccer) because he's a club player (practically since he could walk) and huge fan.

I know I made good choices with these guys so I hope you guys love them too!

Also I was thinking of doing a sub affiliate kind of thing for the blogs that are new and on their way. I was thinking of naming them the Fledglings Affiliates. That is on the works. Let me know what you think about it and if you are interested then apply here.

Also there is only ONE spot left on Bloody Affiliates. May the best blog win.


  1. I love teens read and write! They have a great blog.

  2. I is new. And it would be really cool if there was a sub affiliate for new blogs. It's a good idea. That way, they can get the chance to shiiine. :)

  3. Wow! We're so excited and thrilled to be an affiliate! This is a lot of fun and we love your blog! Thanks and we look forward to having this connection. We also love Pirate Penguin. She has a wonderful blog.

    Liz, thanks for your kind words! We enjoy your blog too!

  4. These are two great blogs and I think it's a good idea to have fledgling affiliates

  5. Awesome! I love both of these blogs!

  6. The fledgling affiliates idea is a great idea. Like Justine says, it gives them their time to shine :)

    and thank you SO much for choosing me! I am extremely honored<3.

  7. Good people to be affiliated with :)


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