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Tuesday 22 December 2009

So...Teaser Tuesday I Guess,

I wake up at 11 am. I was so happy cause today I was going to rent Post Grad. You remember how excited I was about watching Post Grad right? Yeah, well, stupid Blockbuster don't have the movie! I swear I saw it on their COMING SOON thingy and now ITS NOT.

So I rented 500 Days of Summer instead. Lol I'm at this scene where the main character gets laid and it's so happy he just says hi to everybody and starts dancing. Literately dancing. I guess its a happy day.

I'm reading Soulless right now. It's a book about the supernatural on the 20's? I think it's the 20's anyways. Its set in London where the supernatural are out of the closet and can roam about freely. In London there's this spinster called Alexia Tarabotti. She has no soul and she is Italian. Which for society in London that is outrageous. Oh and she was attacked by a vampire of all things. She gets out alive by accidentally killing the vampire. But she is not getting off easily because now Queen Victoria is interested and is investigating through a handsome werewolf named Lord Maccon.

Here is my teaser:
"I say!" said Alexia to the vampire. "We have not even been introduced!"
Miss Tarabotti had never actually had a vampire try to bite her. She knew one or two by reputation, of course, and was friendly with Lord Akeldama. Who was not friendly with Lord Akeldama? But no vampire had ever actually attempted to feed on her before!
So Alexia, who abhorred violence, was forced to grab the miscreant by his nostrils, a delicate and therefore painful area, and shove him away. He landed right on top of a plate of treacle tart.
Miss Tarabotti was most distressed by this. She was particularly fond of treacle tart and had been looking forward to consuming that precise plateful."

Did you guys see my buttons!? They are all thanks to Eli. She's great.

Happy Holidays!


  1. hehe, the teaser is just as I imagined the writing would sound like
    really looking forward to reading this one soon =)

  2. Great teaser! I really want to read this!

    Sorry it took so long to do the buttons! >__<

  3. Aww...That sucks you didn't get the movie. I would've been bummed too! But the teaser's interesting. I've wanted to read this book, but I'm scared to buy it because I've read a lot of mixed reviews. And the library doesn't have it yet...Grr...

  4. I loved 500 Days of Summer, but I've never heard of the other movie. I just got SOulless, and I SO can't wait to read it!!!!

  5. Sorry you couldn't get Post Grad! Soulless sounds really good. I'm also reading a book called Soulless, except mines about dead people coming to life and eating people.

  6. The book cover looks like an evil Mary Poppins

  7. Sorry about the movie, but like the teaser. The character is so proper and kick butt at the same time. Fun!


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