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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I am reading two books right now. I got in the mail today Blood Promise! And have been eating it up! Ugh, how I love the Vampire Academy series. Don't you guys love it? Anyhow, I'm posting a tease from BP, and maybe one from Ash. Here we go...

"I couldn't help but feel smug. I was going to surprise this Strogoi who'd thought it could sneak
into a tiny human village for dinner. There. Right near the barn's entrance, I could see a long shadow moving. Gotcha, I thought. I readied the stake and started to spring forward-- And then something struck me on the shoulder... A thought immediately flashes into my mind: What if one's Dimitri?"

Okay, so in between the last two sentences there was a little more describing I decided to cut, but you get the main idea. I'm already on 200 pg. Damn! So good.

I guess I owe you guys a quote from Ash, don't I?

""She is only a child. Let her go." The wind roared again, so fierce that she thought she would be pulled from the ground and thrown aside like a rag doll, but when it died down the horses were gone, and the night was quiet. The air hummed as it did after a storm. When she opened her eyes, the ground all around her was marked with hoofprints."

It's been difficult to get into the story. But as it keeps progressing I want to know more of whats going to happen to Ash. So, we'll see.

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh those are both great teasers!

  2. Great Teasers - I just finished Frostbite and am starting Shadowkiss - what a great series!

  3. Great teasers!
    I hope to start the VA series soon. :)

  4. oh man I want both of these books so bad especially Ash it sounds so good! Great teasers =)

  5. I finish BP last week. I absolutely loved it... I can not ever get enough of the Vampire Academy Series

  6. ughhh Blood Promise... I need to kick my butt into gear and read the rest of the series so I can jump back into the addicting world of Vampire Academy!!

  7. Great teasers!! I really liked Ash, hope you do too! :D

  8. Great teasers from 2 great books!

  9. I love teasers
    Ash look like a good book


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