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Friday 18 September 2009

New Songs (Check it out again)

I updated! Left the old ones, and put new ones. I hope you like them.

Old Tunes:

1. Breathe by Anna Nalick

2. Feel This by Bethany Joy Galeotti

3. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (I love him)

4. Lucky by said love (Jason Mraz)

5. Fuzzy Blue Lights by Owl City

6. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

7. Only Hope by Mandy Moore

8. I Wanna Be With You by Mandy Moore

9. Life in Mono by Mono

10. Strawberry Fields by Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson

11. Because by Jim Sturgess

12. Something by Jim Sturgess

13. Tears and rain by James Blunt

14. Blackbird by Evan Rachel Wood

15. Across the Universe by Jim Sturgess

New Tunes:

16. How To Save a Life by The Fray

17. Fallen by Sarah Mclachlan

18. Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch

19. Stop and Stare by One Republic

20. 21 Guns by Green Day

21. Uprising by Muse

And finally,

22. Mad World by Gary Jules

The last one I took from Bored...Get Unbored blog, I hope he doesn't mind. Listen to it and loved it. So you guys listen to it. Anyways have a good time with the songs, and let me know if you think it's too much, or you want to add any song that goes with the style of the blog.

See ya,


  1. I have been a big Jason Mraz fan for many years now. One of these days I will make it to a live show. His live stuff surpasses anything.

  2. Great new songs! I love The Fray! :D


  3. I love the songs you put on here. I always associate music with your blog now. :-D

  4. Great songs! I love Mad World. It's in the movie Donnie Darko! :) Another fave of mine!

  5. Good stuff. I especially like Breathe and Life in Mono. I haven't listened to that in so long, I really need to. And Mad World. God I love his rendition.

  6. Great choices!! :D I'll be enjoying those now... hehe.

  7. Love this playlist. I thoink you put together great songs, I love mellow songs. I know most of them but the one I didnt know are growing on me. Great playlist.

    PS: I really dont mind adding Mad World. I'm thrilled that you gave me a shout-out, thnak you so much.
    As a fan of that song, it's my pleasure to see people discover it and love it.
    You are free to take whatever you want in my blog :)

  8. awesome new songs! you make great choices.

  9. I love your music choice Great music I loved your old tunes but your new list is pretty great !!!I sometime just leave your blog on so i can listing to your music

  10. Love the new songs. Great picks as usual!


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