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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Poll is Up

The Poll is over guys, and this are the results.

Reviews: 65 votes (81%)
Interviews: 19 votes (23%)
Memes: 15 votes (18%)
More about Taschima-Me: 22 (27%)

Total votes:80

Thank you to the people who took their time and voted. It really helps, even if you think it doesn't. I normally read a lot more books than I have lately. But with school and everything I have been so busy, that is hard to read as much as I used to. But, I will try to post more reviews as often as I can. Do you guys want to know about my AP Bio book? xD

Anyways gotta go and keep reading Dreaming Anastasia.


  1. I cant waite to read your review I dont ming reading about you ap bio :)

  2. Hooray! Reviews win! :P

    It's the same for me. Since school started, I've been held back from all my reading. There's already 12 books from my library, waiting to be read! I guess I have to renew it before it expires. *sigh*

  3. We all want more reviews because you do such great ones! But we all understand that life is full and we appreciate that you give us all you do! So keep up your grades and enjoy Anastasia!

  4. LOL. I totally understand about not having time to read even though I want to. You're reading your AP Bio book and I'm reading the History of Education in America. Fun times!

    (right now I should be doing hw for that class, but looking at blogs are more fun)

  5. I love everything you do, just follow your guts and I'll always be around :)

  6. I love your reviews they're always so much fun to read! :)

  7. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to read as many books because of other stuff.

    I'm reading Dreaming Anastasia right now too. I should have my review up late tonight. I hope. It was due the 16th but with my aunt dying and school, I wasn't able to finish the book and now I feel guilty. :(



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