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Friday 18 September 2009

In My Mailbox VII

So, I got some stuff in the mail, but since my camera is not working, I lost my memory card T-T, so I have to do it the old fashion way.

The Everafter, Viola in Reel Life & Gateway to Dream World I got for review purposes and am eager to read them. At The Graves End I just HAD to get after finishing One Foot In The Grave.

Finally, Friday is here, I thought this day had been erased from the week. I'm in chapter 4 in AP Bio, talking about Cells, structures, bonds, functions... and so much more. I also have AP Literature, and have to do an essay about Connotation & Denotation in the novel Candide. I'm going to write it on how Connotation & Denotation help the author, Voltaire, show the hypocrisy, and sometimes foolishness, of society. Sounds interesting, at least for me.

Happy Reading,


  1. Nice books! They all look great. Viola in Reel Life is in my TBR pile. Also looking forward to your review of The Everafter!

  2. Ooo, I wanna read Viola in Reel Life and The Everafter. I really hope you enjoy them! I'll have my IMM up sometime tomorrow. :D


  3. I've always wanted to read Viola in Reel Life and The Everafter. I'm looking forward for your reviews of those books! :)


  4. Nice books, Viola in Reel Life is cute, I also got Gateway...oh and Everafter, I'm jealous! lol ;P Happy Reading babez!


  5. They all look great! The Everafter caught my eye a while ago, and I'll definitely be waiting for your review. Have fun reading! :)

  6. your essay topic sounds very interesting to me.

    haha have fun with your books, and review At Graves End! i want to know what you think! after the review you did on the one before it, i've been looking for the series!


  7. :o the everafter sound really good sorry about your camera :( It looks like you got some really great stuff !!!!


  8. i abs loved at graves end! hope you enjoy!


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