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Sunday 26 April 2009

Online Protest!

Amazon Attempting to Ban 'Adult' Books---sign the petition!

Over the weekend all hell broke lose. Amazon, attempted to BAN books which were of adult content. For sometime now, they have been playing tricks with certain listings and their ratings ESPECIALLY genres which are of Gay subject.

After emailing them, they sent out a common response in which you can read on the petition above. NOW they claim it was a Glitch but you should know that the GLITCH has happened before...and with such a select group of genres. And I would buy it as a Glitch if they had not sent replies to so many, claiming they were stopping ADULT books.

Anyway, yesterday already 10 thousand people signed the petition...so please do so as well. Pass it to your friends and anyone you know. Do not allow someone to dictate or discriminate against what you CAN and CAN NOT read---nor what someone else has a right to read. It's no different than book burning in my mind.

Taschima: I am in total agreement with Scarlet. Do not let amazon banned our adult books, SIGN THE PETITION!!!

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