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Saturday 25 April 2009

In My Mailbox III

Rule number one when you are trying to recover from an "addiction" is to admit your problem to yourself right? Well then I admit to myself that I have an addiction, no, actually I have two, number one is I buy too many clothes- yeah I know what a girl uh?- and number two, I buy too many books! Or that is I make my sponsor Bebe buy me too many books. Yeah, I admit it, doesn't mean I'm gonna stop...

If she lives, the planet lives.
It's that simple.

  Max by James Patterson. This is book number 5 in the Maximum Ride series. I am a little bit excited about this book. The last one left me heart broken, and disappointed, but I'm really hoping this one will be better...well, I'm wishing for it anyways. The one thing I love about this series is the main character. Max rocks! And the way james patterson writes just keeps you turning pages without you really realizing it, its pretty great. So I have high hopes for this book! well see how it all plays out.

The only secret people keep / is immortality.

Evermore by Alyzon noel. The first book in Alyson Noel's extraordinary new Immortals series. Enter an enchanting new world, where true love never dies... I have high hopes for this one. The cover promises enchantment, mystery and maybe even love lost and found. Plus Teens Read Too gave it a great review!

Nobody's perfect...

Tall, Dark & Dead by Tate Hallaway. The line between magic and sanity
is very thin. That's part of why I, Garnet Lacey, quit cold turkey. Never touch
the stuff. No exceptions. Sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? This little quote here reminds me of another book called Magic or Madness. From what I'm seeing this two authors have a pretty same idea of what the reprecautions of magic can be. Can't wait to read this book!

And well there we go, another pretty exciting week. And since it's 3:16 a.m. over here, I think I'm going to sleep. Talk to you guys later!


  1. I LOVED evermore!!! hope you enjoy it too

  2. Max is SO much better than The Final Warning. I love that series too!

    Great week!

  3. I just finished evermore! what a cawinkydink!
    but i was a little upset about Max. the first 3 were the best

  4. Yeah the final warning was such a disappointment :S

  5. Oh, I so want to read 'Evermore'!!! It looks interesting, will you be doing a review on it when you finish the book?


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