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Sunday 26 April 2009

A Great and Terrible Twitter

This post is for people who have read A Great and Terrble Beauty by Libba Bray. So I was at Libba Bray's Livejournal - which is awesome, she is so much fun- and I came across Libba's version of A Great and Terrible Beauty, but in Twittter mode... Lets just say It's hilarious!

*** SPOILER ***


Mom dead. Leaving India for London. Always wanted 2 go but now am 2 sad 2 w00t. :-(
Girls @ Spence mostly douches. FW=psycho bitch. PC iz total follower. Roomie iz humorless cutter. Fun.
Weird cloaked guy following me. Annoying but hot. 
Visions won't stop. Sooo embarrassing.
Dead girl gave me old diary. Should wait 4 pb or read now? J/K ;-)
OMG! I haz powers! Off 2 realms. BFN.
Life in realms GR8. IRL, not so much. French=pain in my ass. *sadness*  
New art teacher Miss Moore ROCKS. Off 2 caves. TTYS. 
Got deets abt fire @ Spence from NW & Bridget. SRT and MD were part of Order! OMG. 
Punked Cecily and others. ROTFLMAO! Magic is kewl.
Hot guy iz still hot. See pic @ his blog: Hot Men of the Rakshana. http://tinyurl.com
JSYK, finally got rid of Bumble this w/e. Fab. 
Turns out Mom was in Order. WTF? 
Tweetup in caves epic fail. FW tried to kill K. Have 2 take peeps 2 realms now. *sigh* 
Do NOT trust Huntress. M8jr  beyotch. 
Update: Pip 8 berries. :-(
Update update: Funeral was bummer until K showed up. Totally crushing. *squee* TTYL, BBs!


  1. I wanna see a pic of Kartik!! x))

    And when did reputable young ladies start using Twitter? Haha

  2. I want to see a pic of Kartik too!!

    ::Looks innocent::
    Why, what is Twitter?


  3. lol, that is very funny! I need to read this series.

  4. LOL WTF thats FTW ...BBQkittens are good but cute koalas tastes better ..Cya IRL

  5. Hah! That's hilarious:-D Libba Bray rules.

  6. This series really is amazin! This was funny. :D


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