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Tuesday 21 April 2009

New Moon casting: Pass or Fail

New moon's cast has been confirmed. As we all know, the Quileutes and the Volturri play a larger rile in the books as the series moves along, so pay close attention to these newcomer, because they all have breakout potential!

Entertainment Weekly has a great slideshow of the new cast members, so check it out

Here is a list of the new younger actors


Heidi- Noot Seear

Quileute Tribe
members/potential werewolves


  1. I say pass. I really like the casting. :)

  2. Yeah they are pretty good I say...

  3. Funnily enough, I just finished writing an article about the new New Moon cast. I particularly like Tinsel Korey, Graham Greene, Dakota Fanning and Charlie Bewley. I think they'll all be great!

  4. I like Dakota, and at the same time its kinda weird xD

  5. ehhhh we'll see how it pans out in movie....

  6. Yeah well see, I hope its better than Twilight, cause on that one I came out of the movie theater a liiitle dissapointed...

  7. Hmm! it seem pretty good. I really hope this one has the felling of the book, not like twilight, that felt like a BASED on the book movie (yeah I'm a twilight guy :P)( Im not gay lol)


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