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Friday, 21 January 2011

CSN Stores have Done it Again!

Do you guys by any chance my last CSN review? It concerned Laptop Sleeves. Well now I think I might want a kick ass laptop messenger bag, and I think I know just the place to find it...


They have a bunch of different kinds of messenger bags, like:

Laptop Messenger Bags
Women's Messenger Bags
Business Messenger Bags
Urban/Casual Messenger Bags
Kids Messenger Bags
Cute as hell.
Fabric Messenger Bags
Leather Messenger Bags
Closeout Messenger Bags
Cool Messenger Bags

Don't they look awesome?! For an affordable price too.

Then again, I might get a bookcase, since I'm in a dire need of one.

Ive gotten stuff from them before, and they haven't disappointed me so far. Their delivery time is shorter than expected every time, their product was in perfect condition when it got to my door, and from then it was a breeze to either unwrap the product or put it together.

Style in an affordable price, now who doesn't just love that?!

PS; comment here and get an extra entry in my Goodbye 2010 contest =]
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