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Sunday, 2 August 2009

US VS UK, Round Two...

Yes, it has been a while since I did a US VS UK post hasn't it? If you want to see Round One then by all means click here.

As I said before there are always two version's to a cover, but in this post we are putting the US and the UK head to head to see who comes with the best cover. Our contestants are...


I like both covers, but if I had to choose I'd choose UK. It's more dark, duh, and more dramatic. It shows more emotion. The first one is very pretty still, but it doesn't move the reader. The UK one draws more attention.


Now the backgrounds are both black, so it really depends on the flower, the font, & where all is placed. I like the flower, and the font of the US one, but like how everything is placed on the UK one, and the font ain't bad either. OK, I give it to... the US.


On this one is a definite US win. Although the dress is cute and all, the bike and the people on it go more with the title of the book. Plus when you think of Sarah Dessen you think of covers like the US one. The UK cover seems more fit for another kind of author entirely.

I am going to call this match a tie, cause Shiver goes to the UK, Along for the Ride goes to the US, but Kissed by an Angel is in the middle, I just like both too much!


  1. Oo! I can't decide which I like better with Shiver... they are both fantastic looking! I agree with your choice for Along for the Ride. Great finds Taschima-chaaaan! <3

  2. Oooh! I like how different the U.K. version of Along for the Ride is, though I like the US version better.

    I like the US for Shiver too. =) The blue makes me happy~

    Kissed by an Angel... I think I like the UK better.

  3. I like both Shiver covers. I love the US Kissed by an Angel one. And I definitely choose the US cover for Along for the Ride. The UK one looks like it's for middle grade readers...

  4. I like the US version of Shiver- the blue's prettier. While the UK cover is more striking- the US is easier on the eyes, and I'd pick it up over the UK version.

    I like the UK versions of the Sarah Dessen books, but I do think that the US one fits AftR better.

    And UK version for Kissed by an Angel. I like the angle better and the falling petals.

    Complete opposite of you. :P

    - Alex

  5. I totally agree w/ u Taschima on shiver and Along 4 the ride.
    I like the US version of Kissed By an Angel though

  6. Definitely love the US cover of Shiver, the UK cover of Kissed By An Angel, and I can't decide on the Along for the Ride one.

  7. I definitely like the UK one's better - except I saw the HP series and I like the US ones better :) thanks for the post. I always like seeing things like this

  8. I like both for Shiver, but I'd go with the US one because it's more original. I need a break from black covers with one red detail!

  9. I have to disagree with your choice on Shiver, I just love the blue and white! :) I think I like the US cover of Kissed By An Angel better than the UK one. I can't even explain why though lol. Oh, and of course the US Sarah Dessen cover wins this one and all of the other ones. I really don't like the UK covers for Sarah Dessen's books at all. I wish they would change them.


  10. I think I like the UK cover better for Shiver- that's the one I'll be getting anyways (borrowing it from a blogging friend) :)

    Actually, every single one of these I go with the UK- well, I agree on the Sarah Dessen one with you. The dress is really cool and all, but the US cover's more like what you think of when you think Dessen.

    P.S. You're entered in my contest 2 times- thanks for entering :)

  11. I agree with you on the Shiver cover -- the black one is more dramatic and the font looks cold! As for the second one, I actually like UK better. I agree with you on the third one. The UK one looks too dark and dreary.

  12. I like the US cover of Shiver better - the blue just looks pretty. The black does seem more dramatic. I like the US cover of Kissed by an Angel the best, although the flower on the UK is pretty. I like the US cover of Along for a Ride just because it goes with the story better than the dress.

    Nice post

  13. In all cases the UK cover looks more edgy and cool. Why is that?

  14. I like all of the covers! Except the last UK cover, where's the bike?!?! I agree with you on that one!


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