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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

In My Mailbox V

Well... I am sorry I didn't post yesterday, but since I got home, which is in... well, not Tampa, sorry for the miss up, I have been unpacking, going to a concert (Mayhem anyone? With All That Remains, Bullet for my Valentine, SLAYER?), & checking my mail.

I got to say that this is my BEST mail week ever, but to be fair I have been 'out' for about 2 months so. Either way, never had so much mail. It's amazing.

My camera is being a bit of a %&*^(, so I can't post my pictures (which are awesome) but I can still show you which books I got, with cover. Let the games begin.

From Amazon, From Me to Me.

AMAZING! I love them all! Ive been waiting for every single one of them for far too long.

Now here start the ARC's

I got 2 copies of HUSH HUSH, so I'm giving that one away on my Mega Palooza contest coming up right after my Meridian contest is over.

Contest Wins:

An autographed copy of Wings which I won at Bree Despain's blog.

And also another copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with a pin, which I won at The Book Cellar, I think. Amazing pin! I will be giving the copy away, but the pin is staying with me!

Also got some others which Ill put on a list:

I got some goodies from The Hollow, The Dark Divine, and Cindy Pon. Which I will be giving away. Also a lot of 20 Reasons to Read Twenty Boy Summer. Plus a couple of notes from the authors, that I can't show you guys cause of my ^%$&* camera.

Like 4 of the ARC's where autographed, i.e. Hush, Hush, but I can't remember for the life of me which were the other 3. Ill let you know when I get home, I'm at my mother's work. Pestering her muahahaha.

I will be posting my review for The Summoning later today, and will create a new poll so you guys decide which book I will read/review next of the choices above.

** For more information about one of the books, click on the picture of the book you want.


Juju said...

Congrats! I adore Wings.

Erica said...

Geez you got a load of insanely good books! Happy reading!

Cindy said...

Yay! Great books! Enjoy!

margo said...

Nice!! Jealous girl over here!! Lol!

I've been dying to read Wings - and those other books look really good!! A few other books are on my TBR list :)

happy reading!

Ash H. said...

J E A L O U S! Love Jeaniene Frost's series to pieces! And I desperately need to get my hands on the other 2 books in Melissa Marr's series! I just finished Wicked Lovely and it was FANTASTIC!

Eli said...

Yaaay! You were super luck while you were gone girl! I'm so breaking into your house. x)

pirate penguin said...

Eli, can I join you in your breaking-in mission?

HUSHHUSH! *spazzes out* xD...oooh, I'm curious about Legacy. I've seen it only once on someone else's site.

Looking forward to your review on the summoning! <3

infiniteshelf said...

That's certainly an amazing list! I see so many titles that I want to read too - or that I have on my TBR pile. Happy reading! :)

Jessica Secret said...

Wow, I am insanely jealous of just about every book you got. I look forward to your reviews! :)


readwhatyouknow said...

What a happy mailbox you had this week! Tons of books that amazing -- I am so glad that you have them. I'm looking forward to a bunch of reviews from this week. But until then...

Happy reading!

- Katie

Cindy said...

Come back and enter my contest!

prophecygirl said...

Brilliant week - so many books I can't wait to read!

Rachel said...

You've got some great books. You have an award waiting on my blog http://theobsessivereader-rachel.blogspot.com/2009/08/giving-out-awards.html

lifeafterjane said...


Ceri said...

Wow! That's a great selection of books. I've seen Shiver and Prophecy of the Sisters mentioned on so many blogs now - they must be pretty good :)

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

That's a ton of books!


Sara from DBR said...

Oooh, looks good. Am jealous :)

Froggy said...

you will love one foot in the grave and want to read the whole series asap! I just got the new one andi am about to read it. I love bones and Cat. :)
The vampire diaries are good...not fab but def worth a read!

MeganDreamer said...

I'm so jealous of your pile it's not even funny ;-;

sushigirl4996 said...

I want to read Shiver soooo bad.

vampira2468 said...

Got a lot of good arcs

Jessica Kennedy said...

Awesome loot!

Shiver was good.

I can't wait to read The Dark Divine! I'm trying my darnest to get my hands on that book!

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