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Monday 23 March 2015

Recent YA Releases: Week of March 24th-March 30th (5 New Titles!)

Currently Reading: First Year (Black Mage #1) by Rachel E. Carter

Reading Queue (list of books I WISH I could read at the same time): Solitaire by Alice Oseman, The Treatment (The Program #2) by Suzanne Young, and Timeless by Gail Carriger.

Here are five (!) titles that are going to be released within the next week:

If you are looking for a stand alone title...

The Walls Around Us Written in the Stars Liars, Inc.

I am SO looking forward to The Walls Around Us!
"The Walls Around Us is a ghostly story of suspense told in two voices—one still living and one long dead."
  It seems to be a very good written weird/spooky story, on the lines of Bleeding Violet by Dia Reevs perhaps. Written in the Stars seems to be a YA diversity book (it is about a girl whose parents want to arrange marry her, and so they bring her back to their mother country -Pakistan- so she can learn about her culture... and find the perfect husband) all I am hoping for is that it does justice to the culture it represents. I have heard only good things about it so I am guessing it nails it.

If you are looking for sequels...

In the Time of Dragon Moon (Wilde Island Chronicles, #3) Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy, #2)

I have Half Bad in my TBR pile. I read an excerpt on that series and it was phenomenal, so I really need to get to it. Half Wild is a much buzzed about book so I have high hopes for that series. I haven't read the Wilde Island Chronicles, but I do have Dragoonswood in my TBR, only I didn't know that was a sequel.

If you are looking to start a brand new series...

...you may be out of luck this week. But you are more than welcome to look through last week's releases!

For even MORE releases please visit my Pinterest at: TaschimaCullen.

In it I have individual boards dedicated to YA Releases from 2014- onward by month of release. I update it daily :)

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