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Monday 4 August 2014

YA Releases: So Far This August Must Reads are...

As many of you may know August is upon us, and with every new month comes even MORE book releases that put me more in debt and more behind on my TBR pile. But they are so worth it I don't even care. Here are the seven lucky picks of this month:


I pretty much already have all of these books. My copy of Ugly Love should be arriving sometime tomorrow via UPS delivery, and I got Beautiful Ashes via BEA (Book Expo America) this past June. Beautiful Ashes is a MUST read! I shall put up a review soon on that one. As for the others I am currently reading of Metal and Wishes, as well as Goodbye Rebel Blue (a 2013 release that is actually turning out to be much better than anticipated). After I am going to start on The Aftermath, and then maybe I Want it That Way.

Currently Reading:

Goodbye, Rebel Blue 

Total Books Read so Far This Year:


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