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Thursday 3 July 2014

Bookish Question: Reading Stats

How Many Books Do You Read?

In a year, what is your set challenge? Do you even set a challenge? When you create an account on Goodreads every year it asks you if you want to set a "challenge" for yourself. How many books do you cant to read a year? Last year I challenged myself to read 80 books. I read 76. I think my initial intention was to read 75, but then I got cocky.

The year before that I also challenged myself to read 75 books and read 76. 2011's Challenge... I dont even want to talk about it. The truth is every year I didn't have a game plan. I just read for the sake of reading. Because I love it, because I wanted to immerse myself in another person's world.

This year is slightly different. I finished College, graduated, and got a part time job (finding a full time job is a pain in the butt). So I have the time. Most importantly, I have a plan. 
Every week I try to read 3 books. I started this recently, since I got my part time job. With 26 weeks left in the year, and if I read 3 books every week...

26 x 3 = 78 books

 I have the potential to still read 78 books this year if I keep to my schedule! But still, this system also leaves room for weeks where I am just not feeling it or something happens. That way I can still complete my 2014 challenge! I know I am not competing with anyone but challenging yourself is a great way to get things done, and with all the great books coming out this year I needed an extra push.

So how many books do you read in a year? In a week? What is your self-challenge?



  1. I know you will probably think me nuts, but every year I intend to read 300 books. Usually I miss it. I think the closest I got was 275. I do binge read manga and graphic novels at times but it's still quite a lot of books.

  2. Interesting post! My challenge is usually 100-150. I get really behind during the beginning of the year but I catch up during summer and winter breaks and usually end up near my goal. I think I'm at 56/150 this year. I also just graduated so I can feel your pain!

  3. @Kristen That is AWESOMELY insane!! Manga does make it a bit easier but still! 300 is a magnificent goal. I sometimes read e-novellas that are part of the bigger series so that can be the same length as a Manga, and it counts for my reading challenge.

    @Audrey I am trying to (secretly) go for 100. With the set amount of books I want to read per week I think I can make it but I don't wanna jinx myself! >.<

  4. I always try for 100. I am definitely behind this year though.

  5. In years past, I've read 100+ But last year with working full tme, I just found it difficult to get to that goal, so for this year, I set the goal at 75 to make up for the fact that I have a long commute and less time for reading.

    Then, I got engaged in February and my wedding is 2 weeks from today, so that has left zero time for reading. I'm currently at 11 books for the year, and don't think I can make up the pace to catch up in the next four months.


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