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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Divergent Trailer + Cast Commentary in an EXTRA video.

I haven't been this excited about a Young Adult book turned into movie since The Hunger Games. I watched this trailer, and it's like all my hopes and dreams were able to finally stop holding their breath. It looks good, so good. The actors, the props, the SCENES (which are all pretty much what I had in mind when I was reading the book), the colors... Well, watch it yourself.

Isn't it everything you were hoping it would be? DID YOU SEE FOUR? UGH!!!!!!! I am in love with this guy, seriously. He has the attitude that I figure four would have, the vibe, the smoldering look... and Tris? Amazing. The girl looks pretty good, and she is very pretty but she isn't like super model gorgeous which is just right. She is pretty on target. I would have liked her to be shorter, but oh well, as long as she can act.

Here is another video which has the cast commentary on both the books and movie, and some extra scenes!

This is going to be a kick ass movie, I can feel it. Just like The Hunger Games: CATCHING FIRE is going to pretty much be the best movie this November.

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  1. The cast commentary video is so cool! I can't wait for this movie!!

    Sara at The Page Sage


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