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Friday, 30 August 2013

Romance Battle of the AGES: Dimitri & Rose VS Edward & Bella (Who is really the better couple? Should be obvious... we need your vote!!)

I am here to ask you guys, nah, implore you, that you please visit this link and vote in this battle. I am sure you guys will make the right decision (Dimitri & ROSE) so I am not worried, but as of right now Edward and Bella are winning (WHAT!??! I KNOW!) and I think it's just because VA people haven't been made aware. Not enough anyways. So please, go and vote for your favorite couple (REMINDER: Rose & DIMITRI > E&B). Nowhere in the Internets can it say that Twilight won agaisnt Vampire Academy, not while I am alive!

Reasons why Vampire Academy should win against Twilight:

  • I was one a young one too in love with Edward Cullen, but then I met Dimitri and all hell broke loose! Dimitri is more handsome, badass, godlike, doesn't treat his lady like she is a crushable flower, SEXY, dark, mysterious, warrior... 
  • Rose and Dimitri have gone through SO MUCH MORE CRAP than Bella and Edward ever did. I mean come on the biggest thing to happen to Bella and Edwards relationship is that Edward is very emo and broke up with Bella "for her own good" and that Bella is human... oookay. Meanwhile in the VA world *SPOILER ALERT* Dimitri went strogoi (evil dead vampire) and Rose had to not only mourn her love but she also WENT AFTER HIM IN ORDER TO KILL HIM BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HE WOULD HAVE WANTED. I mean, mind blown much? Also at the beginning he was kind of her defense against the dark arts against bad ass strogoi teacher, eeeks! *Spoiler has ended* 
  • Dimitri and Rose are a deadly combination. They love passionately, they kick ass like you have never seen before, and neither of them felt the need to change the other completely to make things work. *cough* Angsty Twilight Romance*cough*
  • Vampire Academy is just better, get it?
So please, go forward and VOTE! 


*Yes this is a new signature for the occasion, I am serious about my cause.

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  1. I VOTED..and when I saw the percentages..tiz a sad day...


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